Corpse bride victor and victoria meet

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corpse bride victor and victoria meet

DISCLAMER I DONT OWN CORPSE BRIDE THE AMAZING TIM While Victoria and Victor where readying themselves for their meeting. Corpse Bride () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more As the objects of betrothal, Victor and Victoria met for the first time the night before their. Read Victor and Victoria from the story Corpse Bride (The Novelized Version) I' m supposed to meet Mr. Victor van Dort today, and then marry him tomorrow.

Victor could just be big on manners as a personality trait. But it's my belief that, if Emily was murdered only twenty years ago, Victor was old enough to have known her maybe a boy of five or six but not old enough to remember her.

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This would explain why Emily seems to know Victor. After she abducts him to the land of the dead, she has been with him all of six seconds, and yet she knows enough about him to have his dog, Scraps, ready as a wedding gift. By the end of the film, she also declares that she loves him, when she had known him all of a few hours in one day. The only explanation is that Emily might have known Victor when she was alive and he still a young boy, and after her death, she haunted him, watching over him from afar.

The blue butterflies Victor is obsessed with in the opening of the film are likely Emily, who turns into blue butterflies at the end, a subtle clue. A hundred years ago, their family probably owned the land and ruled it. Now they are the local Lord and Lady but barely have two coins to rub together. When examined in this light, Victoria is pretty much yet another princess being forced to marry.

All marriages were business contracts to Victorians, but the theme of arranged marriages for princesses who wish to marry for love is strong in children's films. Emily, meanwhile, is presented as having come from a wealthy family who lived in Victor's town. Either Emily's family died, moved away, or she was related to the Everglots. Emily seems to be all alone in the afterlife, so it must be one of the latter.

Emily was likely the older sister of Finis Everglot Albert Finneywho -- twenty years ago -- was probably around the same age as his own daughter, Victoria, in the film. If Finis was about twenty when Emily died, this means he wasn't too young that he wouldn't remember Lord Barkis. Still, twenty years is a long time and a lot of time to age.

Lord Barkis, with his white hair, seems to be older than Finis even, yet another reason Emily's father was likely against the marriage.

Compound this with the fact that Finis has a crap-memory and can't even recall Victor's name, and it almost makes sense. After Emily ran off with the family jewels, Finis married Maudeline the daughter of a lord from the next town and inherited a thin trickle of money. He was a bad businessman, so what little left behind by his older sister dwindled to nothing over the years.

I posit Emily as being older than Finis because her being childlike, trusting, and naive doesn't automatically place her as a younger sibling. She was a spoiled rich girl who probably grew up reading romance novels and didn't have enough life experience to separate fiction from reality. Unfortunately, she learned the hard way that there are bad people in the world and that her father was likely overbearing in order to protect her from them.

The Theme of the Rebellious Princess If Emily is actually an ancestor of Victoria, then it makes sense that she, too, would be a "rebellious princess" who wished to marry for love. Emily and Victoria have a great deal in common given that both of them continuously disregard etiquette and behave exactly as they please. When she was alive, Emily was probably the source of many a scandal.

She played the piano vigorously, was full of passion and life. Even her wedding dress -- a very low-cut piece showing a great amount of cleavage -- was wildly improper.

corpse bride victor and victoria meet

Victoria longs to be the sort of woman Emily was, but her parents have a tight hold on her. She is not allowed to play the piano because her mother considers it "too passionate," and so she lashes out in other ways. She speaks to Victor -- alone, in private -- without a chaperone, which is sort of a big deal. In that era, a young woman who was alone with a young man was easily assumed to have slept with him out of wedlock, and such a thing would destroy her reputation.

Meaning, she'd be lucky to find someone to marry her. This was kinda a huge deal, as Victorian women relied entirely on marriage to survive a male dominated society. If Victor had been a jerk-ass and lied about banging Victoria in the foyer before the wedding rehearsal, her life would have been over.

corpse bride victor and victoria meet

But Victoria is willing to take the risk, and to hell with a pompous and unfair society where women are treated like chattel. Much like Emily, she is full of life, full of defiance, in a world that is colorless and dead. It is this passion for life that Victor longs for. He is obsessed with blue butterflies because they are the only living things in his boring, gray world. When he meets Victoria, he senses the passion and life in her spirit and he is drawn to it.

He later meets Emily -- Victoria's dead relative -- and is drawn to the same passion and life in her. He just wanted to be alone. It seemed that no one cared how he felt. One person did… "Stop it she's gone" he thought to himself. The door opened and Emile opened the door. The Van Dort's walked into the mansion.

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Lady and Lord Everglot walked out from the foyer. Victor just wanted to be alone; he had no intention of being strangled to death by his father-in-law to be. He nodded slightly, barley noticeable. The parents walked into the west drawing room, the door shut. Victor sighed, and then yawned tiredly. Victoria's POV As she was putting on her makeup, she was startled by the continuous knocking at the door.

The Van Dorts are here! Knowing that Victor was right below her room made her shiver. She finished her makeup and hopped in her dress. She ran downstairs hurriedly to see the love her life. She noticed the tight tension in his voice as opposing to Victor; he could hear how happy she was to see him. Victor felt terribly bad now knowing how much she had been looking forward to marrying him. He had been thinking of Emily this whole time and how much he….

He had also been wondering if Emily herself had been thinking of him. As the Everglots and Van Dorts headed for the West Drawing Room to discuss details about their upcoming wedding that Victor really wasn't in the mood for. I was feeling the same way when I woke up this morning. Victoria could sense that he was being untruthful…. She then stood up a little out of it and dizzy. A weird feeling came across her. She didn't know what it was, but it was insanely uncomfortable.

She felt this feeling before but she couldn't quite remember what it was. All of the sudden, air came into her lungs. She felt amazing, as her chest rose and fell with air. She heard a strange noise, similar to a sound she only heard when V… he, was with her, A heartbeat. Someone must have been there with her. She looked around nervously, till she came to the realization it was her own body that was making the sound.

She moved her hand slowly to her heart, and to her disbelief it was beating! A tear of joy came to her eye. After all those years in darkness she was alive!

She looked at her arm, where there used to be a skeleton arm was a real live arm! Her skin was no longer corpse blue, but skin tone.

corpse bride victor and victoria meet

She was really alive! She headed towards town. Victors POV Victor was bored. He kept tuning Victoria out of his mind of her constant yip yapping.

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Every time she stopped talking, Victor would reply with a nod or smile. Victoria now realizes that Victor is not paying any attention to his soon to be wife but is thinking of something else, or someONE else…. Victoria decided to test him with something else. Is that any way to treat your future wife!

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Please don't think of me rudely. I truly am sorry. My lack of sleep has got me dizzy.

corpse bride victor and victoria meet

As Victor got closer to the women, he realized how fantastic she looked and wanted to know who she was.

He walked up to her and said hi…. Victoria POV As Victor walked through the double doors, Victoria ran upstairs crying in the palms of her hands, leaving makeup smudges all over her hands. She could hear the conversation about the wedding going on downstairs. She cried even more knowing the fact that Victor may not feel the same way anymore. She fixed herself up and looked through the window. Van Dort talking to Victor, and some beautiful woman.

She could hear the faint talking through her window. Van Dort asked nicely. She heard Victor ask if she could stay at the mansion for a few nights because she at the moment had no place to go to.

Emily POV Emily was walking the streets, when she felt a cold breeze that made her shiver. It made her happy, though, that she could again feel the difference between hot and cold.