Flirt and flutter groupon san diego

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flirt and flutter groupon san diego

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flirt and flutter groupon san diego

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He didn't answer as he dragged me away from the restaurant and I noticed a vehicle a few cars up from our spot. The little fucker just shrugged his shoulders but still we were headed to the white car. I had my answer when Regina was leaning in her oh so casual way against the passenger door.

Our eyes met but there was something different in the brown orbs looking back at me. I kept a fair amount of distance between Regina and I.

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The frown that slipped over her mask said she noticed it but really what was she expecting? Hell I don't even know how I am suppose to react.

flirt and flutter groupon san diego

I'm happy yes but I'm also confused, frustrated, and annoyed. I snapped my gaze to the parking meter three cars down from hers. I have to hand it to him, he knows how to hustle. And fuck, now it's her and I. The clicking of her heels rang in my ear, swallowing the sound of cars driving by, the chatter of pedestrians, and my racing heart. The hair on my arm stood on end as she neared, my stomach tied into knot and while the aroma of her perfume slid under my nose I could feel my brain slowly turning to mush.

Regina stood in my line of vision cutting off the staring competition with the meter. Maybe she thought that would work but not tonight, I just turned my head where she wasn't.

Part of me is saying 'yes you're over reacting' part of me is saying 'no you have right to know what that shit was today'. If anyone walks out-" "Then come with me before anyone does.

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Huffing loudly I crossed my arms over my chest. Stay strong, stay strong, stay strong. Softly my head was pulled and our gazes met, brown eyes darted down to my lips. You have every right to be, I was ignoring you Emma Wouldn't expect anything else.

There was only one answer, we both knew it, but still I didn't want to give in that easily. I dipped from under her intoxicating being and power walked inside the restaurant. I smiled, but kept my legs moving towards my parents. Crouching down behind their chairs they leaned their heads in as I whispered: You guys are okay with it even though I'm still technically grounded.

Making my way around the table I gave a hug to everyone and making sure to quietly tell my main four what was going on when I got to them. The Porsche was idling softly and I could see Regina's silhouette through the back window.

We embraced and soon mom jumped in for a group hug then… they sent me on me way. I didn't say a word as Regina booked it out of the parking spot, she was tense as she drove. Deep in thought with a hand shoved in her curly hair, smoothly weaving in and out of traffic as she normally does. A smirk crossed her face as she bit her lip then let it slide between her teeth. I had so many questions but refrained from asking any of them, my words only seemed to raise her confidence and I don't want her thinking she can flirt her way out of this one.

So the loud silence continued it's terror until we pulled up a narrow driveway. I had to clench my teeth to stop my jaw from dropping to the seat.

flirt and flutter groupon san diego

Little house my ass. This place looked gigantic compared to the ones beside it. We got out the car and she took the lead, swaying her hips way more than normal. She knows what she's doing. She absolutely knows what's she's doing. Adjusting the jeans, that suddenly felt tighter, I averted my gaze to the neighboring houses around me. The sound of waves crashing against the sand was something I found calming, assuming she's not here to break up with me I would have to ask if we can come back at a later date.

Regina flipped on the light once we were inside, instinctively my eyes moved around the open layout. The feel is completely different from the loft, it's very beachy not at all sleek and contemporary like I'm use to seeing. To the left is the living room to the right is the kitchen, directly in front are stairs and the left is the dining room with floor to ceiling doors that led the outside.

Regina walked around me to close door before I heard the exhausted sigh fall from her lips as she stood beside me with our shoulders brushing. Gah, she is just All the while my stomach is turning, hot flashes are coming in at heavy doses because I can see she's doing her best not pin me against the door. And I want her to.

I let out a breath while I leaned against the door. Jesus, that was hard. Light footsteps pattered down the stairs a few minutes later and soon she was standing in front of me wearing her own version of what's comfortable. Yoga pants and a red Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, naturally.

I was anxious to get this started and when I was done texting my parents I changed briskly but still attempted to stay composed as I walked back out. Her clothes fit me in just the right way and the smell that is Regina wraps me up in it's warm arms. After I set my clothes down near her purse I found Regina standing by the door the led to the back, sensing me somehow she whipped her head around. Gripping the knob she slid the door open, curling her pointer finger at me with her other hand.

Automatically my legs moved towards her, my heart increasing in speed every step of the way. Stepping outside there was nothing but cool particles of sand sifting between my toes.

I don't think I've ever seen a more beach front property than this. Pale light from the moon illuminated the two lounges chairs that faced the ocean only a half mile away. Too busy studying the back I wasn't prepared to feel Regina's fingers brush the inside of my bicep, trailing down to my forearm and lacing our fingers. Goosebumps rose in her absence, simultaneously, my hand felt like it was on fire from her warm palm.

Regina tugged on my hand and led me to a lounge chair. We sat down at the same time with our fingers still intertwined, the tip of her thumb brushed along side mine.

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Burring my feet underneath the sand I let go, not wanting to but needing to, if I was going to pay attention to what she was about to say. Breathing hard Regina tucked her hands in the sleeves of her sweatshirt. My gaze stayed on the sand as I waited for her to continue.

Reaching up she tucked a few strands of hair behind my ear then brushed the back of her knuckles over my cheek. I'm always surprised when she gets jealous but there is an odd satisfying feeling when it happens.

Shortly after that my mom called and after the argument we had she told me her and my father were coming out next week and they want to meet you. I didn't give her a concrete answer, I wanted to talk to you first.

The last thing is I got a job offer today. Dark and intense eyes stared back at me, eyebrows furrowed and full lips pursed thoughtfully. She's trying to read my mind and I did my best not to hide under her heavy gaze. We got to talking and they offered me a position. Today was a lot and I was afraid of taking everything out on you but when I got home and calmed down I realized I had done the very thing I sought not to.

Because I don't know how to process all this. That might've been the most mature sentence that has ever come out of my mouth. Regina's jaw potruded as she clenched down on her teeth and took a step away from me.

I watched her face go from remorseful to the beginnings of sorrow taking over. She walked around me bumping her shoulder against mine as she jetted inside.

flirt and flutter groupon san diego

Fuck, how did I end up being the one to chase after her. When I walked inside I found her, hands firmly planted on the marble island in the kitchen, chin was tucked to her chest and her shoulders rose and fell like she was trying to control herself from shouting at me.

With hesistant steps I took my place behind her and rested a hand on her shoulder. Muscles adjusted beneath my fingertips and I shuddered. It's amazing watching and feeling her react to me. I was just trying to be realistic. Slowly she turned around and under her eyelashes held my gaze. I've been thinking about taking on trading full time, anyway. As long as I have a computer and Wi-Fi I could work anywhere plus there are less sleepless nights involved with this.

Gripping the sweatshirt she yanked me closer, pressing our bodies together. That was all I needed to pull her in and kiss her hard, smirking when she gasped in surprise and relief. Possessive hands trailed down my ribs to my hips, clawing at them in attempt to bring us closer. Regina seemed to fold over me, her hair brushing against my face, her perfume bubbling around me while our bodies melted against each other.

This kiss reminded me of the one from our last fight. She was so demanding yet her lips were soft as they moved against mine. Again, this was statement. I was hers, period, end of story. In the midst of this passionate lip lock my fingers found the zipper to her Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and when I tugged she did nothing to stop me, except whimper when I brushed against her tan skin.

She broke away first but my lips went to her neck, sucking over her pulse while I massaged her breasts and pinched her firm nipples between my fingers. Dark eyes stared at me as I curled my fingers around her sweats and pulled them down to hang around ankles. Her heady scent struck me and I faltered for a moment before situating myself with her legs propped on my shoulder.

She made the most electric and powerful noises that it makes me want to never leave this spot, I want to hear it every day. But after a couple minutes of my tongue circling her clit then flicking she was writhing against my face, hands yanking on my hair and arching her back off the marble. Her cries of pleasures echoed in the empty house encouraging me to continue my strokes while her thighs slammed over my ears. Regina's body convulsed as she came and tried to push my head away when she seemed to come back down to Earth but I wasn't budging.

All I wanted was for her to cum again and again and again.

flirt and flutter groupon san diego

I didn't acknowledge the jolts of pain every time she tug on my hair, I actually enjoyed it, but even more I'm enjoying the feral look in her eyes as she watches me while effortlessly fucking my face.

A fierce moan erupted from her chest when I slid three fingers inside her soaking heat. Regina's thrusts became sloppy, eyes glazing over as her orgasm neared like a looming hurricane until she froze, throwing her head back, mouth forming an 'o', then shook around me for the second time, drenching my fingers. Slowly I untangled myself from her strong legs, giving her chance to catch her breath.

She sat up, brown almost black eyes never wavered when she smirked coyly. I groaned at her naked body sitting on the island and brown locks sticking to her neck from the sweat.

Two steps forward and I was in between her, fingers eagerly lifted the sweatshirt over my head before Regina forcefully pulled me down on top of her. Our lips met only this time it was slow, we took our time as our tongues met and I felt body shudder at the emotion behind it.

I whined, feeling Regina break away from me but she didn't respond. Dark brown pools skimmed across my face like she was looking for something. My hand trembled as I reached into my pocket and placed the stack beside us.