Length of boundary line between india and pakistan relationship

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length of boundary line between india and pakistan relationship

policy, the Kashmir conflict, India-Pakistan relations, and The internationally recognized border between India and Pakistan, established in , . India has built a fence along most of its border with Pakistan, the distance from which to. To create perceptual distance between the independence of India and down to reflect the desire for improved relationship between both countries. In India, the stretch between Delhi and the Pakistani border at Wagah is. It shares its borders with the Arabian Sea, Iran, Afghanistan, India and China! Its borders cover a distance of about 6, km in length – excluding the the 2, kilometers long border between Pakistan and India on.

India and Pakistan were one nation before the partition took place in After the partition, India was divided into two separate countries - the Dominion of Pakistan which was further divided into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the Union of India which later became the Republic of India.

length of boundary line between india and pakistan relationship

There is an international border that runs between India and Pakistan and demarcates the states of India from the four provinces of Pakistan. The border has varied lands and distinct geographical features.

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From tokm of Punjab's border that touches Pakistan was fenced and flood-lit by India. Bythe Rajasthan-Pakistan border was flood-lit and fenced by India.

length of boundary line between india and pakistan relationship

Although the borders of the two countries are clearly demarcated, there have been instances of attempts of smuggling and infiltration by terrorists. Both the countries share some natural resources.

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Both the countries also share the Great Himalayas; it runs from west to east from the Indus valley in northern Pakistan to the Brahmaputra valley in northern India. To know more about the boundaries of both the countries and the borders they share, you can refer to the map on this page.

length of boundary line between india and pakistan relationship

It is the only road border crossing between India and Pakistan, and lies on the Grand Trunk Road between the cities of Amritsar and Lahore. Wagah is also famous for 'the lowering of the flags' ceremony which is held there every evening, and is witnessed by a large crowd from both the nations.

Wagah is actually a village from which the Radcliffe line was drawn separating India and Pakistan. Pakistan-Afghanistan The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called as the Durand Line and is 2, kilometres long. The border came into existence in November after an agreement between Afghanistan and the British Empire.

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He was appointed by the government of British India in Afghanistan to resolve numerous issues — settling the border issue was one of them. A concrete wall three feet thick and 10 feet high is currently under construction and would replace the bordering fence. The wall holds a controversial position as the people of Balochistan oppose its construction as many of their lands are situated at the Pakistan-Iran border and the wall would create hindrances for them.

Pakistan's Indus River drains out in the Arabian Sea.

length of boundary line between india and pakistan relationship

The Arabian Sea also serves as an important trade route between Pakistan and other countries, and Karachi is the major port city for conducting trade.