Meet curly dadan and kid ace x

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meet curly dadan and kid ace x

[32] Shortly after Shanks' departure, Luffy is taken by his grandfather Monkey D. Garp to train with Curly Dadan and meets his adopted brother Portgas D. Ace. Curly Dadan is a friend of Monkey D. Garp and the foster mother of Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy. Garp entrusted her to take care of Ace shortly after the . Feb 13, Dadan met Garp in some bar many years ago, back when she was still And that was how Curly Dadan, the bandit that swore she would never have kids, Dadan would swear years later that Ace developed his disorder just.

Although she didn't have the sharpest eyes in the world, she was still perceptive enough to notice that there was something very unusual about Roger's boy. That kid was carrying some type of burden, and Dadan couldn't help him with it. Regardless of what she told her bandits, she fretted that Ace was unhappy, because Garp left him under her care, and she had the hard task of raising him.

Deep down, she missed the bright-eyed baby that used to laugh at everything so easily, and wanted him back to replace the moody kid that was left. Finally, Ace turned ten. His attitude hadn't gotten any better over the years, but he looked after himself well enough. Dadan was hopeful; it meant that he would only be around for a few more years, and Garp would then take him away for Marine training although she doubted that Ace would go through with it; he was never much of a person for rules.

Ace was already very independent and strong; Garp couldn't possibly find fault in how she raised him. She started to relish the thought of freedom without having Garp breathing down her neck. Then one day out of the blue, the Vice-Admiral came to the cottage again and caused Dadan to curse him out so loud that people ten miles away could hear her screeching. He brought along another brat. This one was his actual grandson "Dragon's son? The argument that resulted was short and brief, but by the end of it, Dadan knew she was stuck with that kid, too.

Finding herself back in the situation she was at ten years ago, Dadan decided to try where she had failed with Ace and train Monkey D. Luffy as a mountain bandit. The kid was much more gullible than Ace was, and probably not as stubborn.

So she tried a new tactic instead of just yelling and swearing: Then Dadan would let him go hunt for his own food. Needless to say, this plan didn't exactly work out the way she wanted it to.

Luffy, in all innocence, decided to skip Steps 1 to 3 and proceed directly to "go outside with Ace and try to make a new friend". But Ace didn't want a new friend, and he came back that night with a giant bear carcass as his only companion.

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When Luffy didn't come back for three days, Dadan gave him up as a lost cause. She hadn't even kept him in her house for a day, but she didn't care anymore. She barely kept track of where Ace was although she knew Ace probably wouldn't run off like that and reverted back to her old motto of "I don't know and it's none of my business". As a result, when Luffy showed up four days later bloody and bruised, Dadan was shocked and somewhat relieved that he made it back alive.

Luffy's explanation of "I fell down a cliff" was absurd, and Dadan wondered what really happened. She sincerely hoped Ace didn't have anything to do with it. The last thing she needed was to have her two young charges waging a war against each other. For the month that followed the exciting first week, it seemed as if Dadan's worst dreams had come true. It soon became very clear to everyone that Ace didn't like Luffy very much - clear to everyone but to Luffy himself. The seven-year-old followed Ace around every day, and Dadan didn't have the heart to tell him the truth.

So Dadan played nurse every night, bandaging up wounds and yelling herself hoarse. By the third week, she was secretly glad that Luffy had eaten the Gomu-Gomu ni Mi. Rubber was tougher that normal flesh, and therefore required less treatment.

She was also very glad that she had learned CPR, because apparently the threat of drowning didn't keep the Devil Fruit user away from water. Then abruptly, when Dadan had given up hope that the two kids would ever get along, Ace and Luffy became friends. This time, it was a little twerp named Sabo, who almost had manners as nice as Dadan herself. She had heard about this Sabo boy, with most reports claiming that he was a robber and a treasure hoarder.

Dadan almost considered asking him to be part of her family of bandits, then decided that ten was too young. Still, it wasn't surprising that Ace became good friends with Sabo, considering his background. Dadan was just glad that he had finally found people he could really talk about.

That moody kid from before could hardly be seen after Sabo moved in with them. For a while, nothing too serious happened. Luffy, Ace, and Sabo would go to the Gray Terminal almost every day, a place that Dadan warned them against, but they went anyways.

They snuck into Goa Kingdom and committed all sorts of theft and robbery that made even Dadan proud. At nighttime, they brought home some sort of giant animal for dinner, and all was well.

Slowly but surely, the three boys built a name for themselves, becoming famous within the kingdom walls and beyond. They soon moved out of the house, living in a tree house in the forest and only coming back for the occasional bath.

meet curly dadan and kid ace x

Garp also came back for a few visits, and conducted his "super Marine training sessions" with great enthusiasm, much to Dadan's and the boys' chagrin. Life was as normal as it could get. Since Windmill Village was so small, Dadan had never bothered to raid it as much as some of the other villages, and after meeting Woop Slap, she promised to never loot it again. In exchange, Woop Slap and Makino gave her tips on how she should handle Luffy's gigantic appetite and told her stories about Luffy's life in the peaceful little village.

Dadan scoffed when she heard about Higuma and Shanks; SHE most definitely would've known better than to insult the most infamous pirate in the East Blue. In time, the three of them became drinking partners, and Makino would frequently hike up the mountain to bring Dadan liquor.

meet curly dadan and kid ace x

They exchanged news like old friends, and Dadan would often forget that she was a bandit around her. One night, Dadan read a newspaper article about the Tenryuubito coming to visit Goa Kingdom. Although she didn't know who they really were, she recalled Garp mentioning once that even the Marines did everything the Tenryuubito wanted.

In any case, they were very important people, and Dadan had a sense of foreboding with their arrival. She knew something big would happen, and she wasn't sure that it would be good. When the giant fire erupted in the Gray Terminal a few weeks later, the Dadan Family immediately sprang into action. Dadan knew that the boys were down there; she had expected something like that to happen. Rushing down there as fast as possible, all Dadan could think about was how she wouldn't be able to live with herself in either Ace or Luffy were harmed.

The plan had been to grab the boys and run. Dogura spotted the Bluejam Pirates in the Gray Terminal, and Dadan really didn't want to deal with them. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.

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By the time she got there, Bluejam was holding a pistol to Ace's head and Luffy was on the floor with his face cut up. Just the sight of the two boys in danger was enough to make Dadan's blood boil, and she burst in there, swinging an ax and screaming.

She wouldn't let anyone do that besides maybe Garp, but he was the exception. Bluejam wasn't amused by Dadan's sudden appearance, but she didn't care. The Dadan Family grabbed Luffy and started running, expecting Ace to follow. Dadan thanked her lucky stars profusely for the successful rescue attempt as they began to race off.

But Ace wouldn't run. At that moment, Dadan finally knew what Garp meant when he said Roger wouldn't let his enemies get away. His son was the perfect example.

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And she realized that even though she was a cowardly mountain bandit that didn't have a hope against a ruthless pirate, she wasn't about to leave a ten-year-old kid to face him alone.

Especially not THIS ten-year-old kid. Dadan would make sure that Ace got home safe and sound, and that creep Bluejam would never be allowed to harm her family again. The fight at the Gray Terminal was fierce.

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Even though the woman and the kid were the winners, they still had a very hard time getting out of the inferno. She didn't save Ace from Bluejam just to have him get burned to death. By shielding him from the flames with her own body, the two of them barely managed to get to the forest by the riverbank, far away from the roaring fire.

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Dadan was covered with burns, but she was too relieved to care. Ace was mostly unharmed, and that meant Garp wouldn't chew her full of holes. They were okay…they had won. The victory against both the pirate and the fire came with a heavy price, and they spent the next few days recuperating by the river. Dadan was so injured that she couldn't move, so Ace had to sneak into Goa Kingdom and steal medicine and food for the two of them. Even though she was assaulting him, Garp did nothing to stop her fury, understanding her reaction was due to grief.

No matter what kind of pirate he becomes, I'll always be on his side As for Luffy, this initial lack of affection was reciprocated due to his dislike of mountain-dwelling bandits, owing to the boy's past experience with Higumaand even went as far as sticking his tongue out at her during the first mealtime together.

However, over time, they grew to care for each other, as Dadan went out of her way to find and defend Luffy and Ace from Bluejamwhile Luffy grew worried about Dadan's safety.

Before departing on his journey to become a pirate, Luffy smiled and said that while he hates mountain bandits, he likes Dadan and the family, causing Dadan to cry happily in response. After Ace's death, Dadan wished for Luffy not to fall.

When Luffy and his crew returned two years after the Battle of Marineford, Dadan was shown making photo albums of him.

meet curly dadan and kid ace x

After Luffy defeated Doflamingo, she and the rest of the family celebrated Luffy's accomplishment and bounty increase. Now that I'm about to die I feel like I miss that idiot Luffy chased Ace introducing himself and is not mad for being spat on.

meet curly dadan and kid ace x

He wanted to be friends, but Ace knocked a tree down and sent it rolling to Luffy. In the Corvo jungle, Ace was crossing a bridge when Luffy caught up. The red shirted boy smacked Luffy and he fell into a gorge. When Ace returned, he had just caught a fish and didn't say where Luffy was.

Dogra and Magra worried for Luffy's condition and were concerned about Garp's reaction. Curly drunkly said that Luffy should look after himself. Ace thought back on how the other pirates mocked his biological father. Dadan decided to expel Ace as he is the devil's son. A week later, while the bandits rested, Dadan was called up and Luffy was seen alive and well.

The straw hatted boy said he was chased by wolves. The next morning, Luffy continued to chase Ace and ignored the chores Dadan wanted him to do. Ace began to run off while Luffy followed suit. Luffy is nearly eaten by crocs.

meet curly dadan and kid ace x