Poor relationship between principal and staff

poor relationship between principal and staff

The following actions may also help principals deal with teachers like Gloria: . teacher, sharing with each what you want them to gain from the relationship. For all of this to be effective, however, trust between teachers and principal is deemed a . Relationship than teachers in schools with students with relatively low. There is good theoretical reason to suspect that interpersonal relationships between principals and their teachers influence school.

Teachers, and my other administrative colleagues, felt constant whiplash, and the constant changing environment of the school left students confused and adults not sure how to explain it. In my third year of teaching, my administrator called me a week into summer vacation. Could you just send me the lesson plans from those visits and write up an evaluation? The man had walked through my classroom twice that year.

That was my tenure year.

poor relationship between principal and staff

I was not the only one granted tenure from such incompetence. She also parked her Jaguar lengthwise behind my car in the school parking lot and refused to move it so I could go home. I was stuck at school until 9 p.

I could go on and on about administrators who roam the halls literally picking battles with Black boys over the pettiest stuff. A third Black boy was sent out by a sub for throwing juice that someone had thrown at him first and was frustrated that no one would listen to his side of the story.

He was suspended three days for disrespect and literally put out of the building. This kid had no behavior record at school, had recently been jumped and gotten a concussion, and was forced to walk the neighborhood. I was physically attacked by a student: I had never been assaulted before, and I also felt like the student trusted me, so I took two days off to process the incident.

Working with Difficult Staff - Educational Leadership

Upon my return, I was reprimanded for not taking my job seriously. A beloved principal passed away the week before school started. We had the funeral Labor Day and school started the next day. The first thing the new principal did was remove all pictures and memorials to the principal who had passed.

She told us in the first meeting that the principal who passed represented the past and we have to move forward. She canceled plans for us to dedicate the library to our late principal. He is now the principal of a small high school in a different part of my state, and I am both horrified that he was re-hired after his previous behavior and also saddened for the teachers who work for him.

Working with Difficult Staff

There was an admin at my school, an AP, who forged a letter of recommendation from our principal when applying to a nearby school. Like, same district kind of nearby.

Bad principal vs bad student

Anderson in 20 secondary schools in Iowa to determine the relationship between teacher morale and student achievement.

His findings revealed that teachers in secondary schools, whose students perform well academically, have higher morale 7 Teacher-Principal Relationship than teachers in schools with students with relatively low achievement Bhella, In conducting the study, he found that student achievement improved under teachers with high morale and decreased under teachers with low morale Bhella, Teachers with high morale can therefore be expected to be more effective in the classroom.

Blocher and Richardson, cited in Davidson did an extensive investigation into teacher morale and found that teachers expressed that the greatest potential source of concern and pleasure is the principal.

This is extended further by Hoy and Miskelcited in Simmonds who stipulated that the quality of the relationship shared between the teacher and principal, correlate highly with teacher morale.

poor relationship between principal and staff

The better the relationship and the quality of leadership, the higher morale tends to be. Davidson conducted a study that applies directly to the Caribbean situation. These teachers are required to bring these students to a level of achievement that far exceeds anything ever done in our education system.

The extent to which a teacher is able to accomplish this lies in her perceived self-efficacy. All in all, these teachers are more supportive to students than teachers with a low sense of efficacy.

With the understanding that teachers efficacy affects a number of areas in the teaching and learning environment, it is imperative that the impact that leadership has on teachers self- efficacy be examined. The study was conducted with teachers from elementary, middle and high schools across the United States.

In addition to enhanced teacher reflection and professional growth, principals also provide literary resources, promote increased professional development opportunities and encourage reflection and organizational collaboration. The increasing value placed on trust arises from the fact that it is beneficial to both the individual and the team in the organization. A number of studies support the view that positive trust manifests directly or indirectly in constructive behaviour and attitudes, greater cooperation, increased exchange of knowledge and information, successful change management and superior levels of performance Dirks and Ferrin, ; Morgan and Hunt ; Collins and Smith, ; Dirks cited in Walker, Kutsyuruba and Noonan Improperly used, it can plant the seeds of collapse Curall and Epstein p.

Ryan and Deci and Walumbwa et al. Teachers are perceived as being just as influential as principals; but cannot achieve the goals of student achievement on their own, as such; professional commitment to working collegially must be deeply rooted in them.

Hierarchy becomes less respected and compliance more difficult to enforce p. At present increased attention has been placed on team management as a form of administration in the education system. They argue that through team management the individual can receive collective support and the organisation can use the collective effort to arrive at better decisions. Stott and Walker go on to argue that member diversity increases the capacity of the organization to process complex information; a task which is usually challenging for one individual.

The collaborative effort of teams allows all stakeholders to participate in solving complex educational issues that the institution may be faced with Ijaiya et al. By using appropriate and relevant training methods principals can be trained to be more open and as such be viewed as trustworthy and approachable. It is only through careful selection and training that the right individuals with the appropriate competencies will be placed in these positions.

There are also implications for the principals themselves, who must be mindful that they strike a good balance between being task oriented and people oriented approaches in order to create a school climate that will promote trust, collaboration, high morale and self-efficacy. The principal should be flexible and willing to restructure his organization as the school culture and climate allows making autocracy a way of the past and promoting empowerment of his staff.

As a result of this, in many schools, teachers are demotivated, have low self- efficacy and morale and are not a part of the decision-making process.

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The schools climate, teacher empowerment, morale and self-efficacy in addition to trust in principal and organizational structure are all interrelated and contribute to creating the desired outcomes in teaching and learning. Without a good balance of each element, a principal may find himself with teachers who give minimal support to school activities beyond their classroom obligations.

A number of studies have indicated that principals who exercise concern for task accomplishment as well as the personal well-being of staff have teachers who perform at a higher level than those who 15 Teacher-Principal Relationship focus on only one category of behaviour. One way of enhancing the school climate is to empower teachers by allowing them to be an integral part of the decision making process and to act upon their own ideas.

The act of empowering teachers increases teacher morale and self- efficacy. Considering the calls for principals to communicate more with staff and to include staff in the decision-making process, the concept of team management has become more attractive than the autocratic leadership generally associated with the hierarchical structure of the school system.

In essence, the principal, in order to increase effectiveness should analyse the climate and culture of the school in order to determine the degree of team management that will promote the overall success of the organization.