Relationship between astrology and psychology

relationship between astrology and psychology

Introversion-extraversion: astrology versus psychology O. White, H.J. EysenckAn empirical study of the relation between astrological factors and personality. Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human. Psychological astrology, or astropsychology, is the result of the cross-fertilisation of the fields of Jung claimed to observe a correlation between these archetypal images and the astrological themes or traditional 'gods' associated with the.

A mandala is often divided by four or multiples thereof.

Relationship Between Astrology & Psychology -- Checked By Machines-- Part -1

Mandalas exemplify symbols of wholeness. The astrologer sees the zodiac as a mandala, a centering diagram and an object of contemplation. Reflecting on the chart in a meditative frame of mind evokes the mandala principle, the process by which astrology brings us to our center. Jung spent much time drawing and contemplating mandalas. Many of his own drawings are presented in The Red Book, with explanations of his inner visions and evolutionary journey in relation to them.

In both astrology and Jungian psychology mandalas are used as a tool for self-realization, although the mandala itself springs from different sources.

Psychological astrology

It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the center…. It is the path to the center, to individuation…. There is no linear evolution; there is only a circumambulation of the Self. He developed the concept at a time in his life when he was involved in pursuing his inner self. Some of the Jungian principles are reflected in astrology. Let me take you through the concept of Western Astrology. What Carl Jung talked about is, relating his psychoanalytic framework to treat the patients with the concept of Zodiac as Mandala.

A mandala is often divided by four or its multiples. Mandalas represent symbols of wholeness.

Relationship between Psychology and Astrology

Osmosis of Psychology and Astrology In the second series of our programme, osmosis of psychology and astrology we started out the relationship between psychology and western astrology, the concept of mandalas. Mandalas are circular designs that reflect the wholeness of the person creating them. How can it be that circular drawings, symbolize the wholeness of a person? Is there some unique quality about circles that makes them important in the psychology of human beings?

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We know that circles have signified the idea of wholeness, among many traditional peoples. Why should modern people feel compelled to draw circles and create mandalas?

relationship between astrology and psychology

Jung spent much time drawing and contemplating mandalas. In both astrology and Jungian psychology, mandalas are used as a tool for self realization, although the mandala itself springs from different sources. He developed the concept at a time in his life, when he was involved in pursuing his inner self. Dane Rudhyar was a pioneer, in the development of psychological and spiritual astrology.

He wrote extensively on astrology and introduced the idea of seeing, the individual chart as a mandala. He said that as we contemplate a horoscope, we are enlightened by it, and some new insight is always revealed to us. Similarly, astrologers mean that the individual chart can be used as a mandala, revealing the wholeness that we potentially are.

relationship between astrology and psychology

The astrological birth chart drawn with the current planetary influence, represent to the astrologer, the present condition of the mind. The zodiac becomes a representation, of the symbolic path of life. We know nature and life to be cycles of becoming, being and dissolution.

The changes we see during the course of a year in nature, appears to be symbolized, in the succession of signs in the zodiac. The zodiac mandala is composed of twelve signs that not only represent twelve different character types, but also the different stages of life. In ancient time they were only eight signs, but later developed into twelve.

relationship between astrology and psychology

The twelve signs correspond to stages of development in human life and in nature as a whole. It is based on the assumption, that there is a close connection between the external changes in nature, and the inner emotional and biological changes in human nature. The basic idea in astrology is that, there is synchronicity between the movement of the planets through the zodiac, and events taking place on earth. This area of psychology is part of the school of humanistic psychology, which holds analysis of, and understanding of, human potential, creativity, and free will at its core.

There have been some pretty significant studies within this area linking human psychology with astrology. The collision between the ancient understanding of astrology and the modern application of psychology completely transforms its significance in our lives.

Rudhyar also explains how the basis of all modern scientific understanding was originally born from astrology — it was a human fascination with the stars and planets which lead to the development of scientific theories and concepts to better understand them. With such a historic bond between the two schools, it is undeniable that they are linked with one another and can inform one another.

He founded the idea that there are four psychological personality types which he called thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition. The four primary psychological types actually have their roots in the four unique elements which split the astrological calendar into four; Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

This understanding goes on to show how, though it seems individuals make a series of random decisions every single day, these decisions have a correlation based on defined personality types.

relationship between astrology and psychology

From this, we can see how the different element types will interact with one another in very different ways. Psychologically speaking, some people will simply never getalong well with each other.