Relationship between bane and ras al ghul

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relationship between bane and ras al ghul

Ra's al Ghul was the leader of the League of Shadows during the late 20th The League took both Bane and Talia in to begin their training in the martial arts. Bane is not Ra's Al Ghul's son. He was trained by him as was Batman. Miranda Tate (Real name is Talia Al Ghul) is Ra's daughter. Bane is not. Unless the nolan-verse of the bat franchise had you confused, allow me to explain to you the difference between the two. Bane is a master.

She was born to an unnamed woman in 18th century Russia. Talia's mother was a woman of Arab ancestry [27] named Melisande, [28] [29] who met Ra's at the Woodstock festival. Damian Wayne Originally appearing as an unnamed infant in the graphic novel Batman: He is a Heir to the Demon Head and expected to one day lead the League. Ra's raised him to be the new Alexander the Great. He is bred from birth to take and rule the world by his mother Talia al Ghul. He was very aggressive until he met his father, Batman.

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Batman taught him how to calm himself and trained him to be the new Robin. His genetic perfection and genetic makeup unfortunately marked him as the ideal host for his grandfather who wants to take over his body.

Introduced as an enemy to Damian she was also raised by the League of Assassins. She and Damian were both members of the Demon's Fist, an elite group within in the League. Damian was supposed to lead the Demon's Fist but Mara now leads the group since Damian's choosing his father over the League. Mara hates Damian since he left her with a scar across her right eye during a training session when they were younger.

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Mara has not inherited her fathers albinism; she has black hair with red bangs. Like the rest of her family, she is a skilled fighter and is also noted to be a talented artist.

Athanasia al Ghul[ edit ] Athanasia al Ghul is a character featured so far only in the Injustice 2 prequel comics and does not appear in the prime earth continuity. Athanasia is the secret daughter of Talia and Bruce and raised by Talia without Bruce or even Damian's knowledge. While Talia allowed Damian to become a hero and work with his father for a time, Talia kept Athanasia a secret from her father and raised her as a member of the League of Assassins.

relationship between bane and ras al ghul

Athanasia is first seen beside her mother Talia breaking her brother Damian out of prison. She is insulted by Damian's apparent rudeness and wants him to say please before letting him out. When Warden Dan Turpin tries to arrest them she kills him and the guards.

While exiting the building Damian tells his mother to control her 'servant', Athanasia, who then assaults him. After the fall of Superman's regime Athanasia and the rest of the League come out of hiding.

She works alongside her mother and grandfather in a scheme to reclaim the Earth from humans who were destroying it. During a fight with Batman in their secret base in the Amazon Rainforest Athanasia was seemingly killed when El Diablo exploded and Athanasia wasn't shielded by the blast. She later appeared again alongside her grandfather in Gorilla City as King Solovar's guests. Others[ edit ] Although he fathered children with several women, Ra's al Ghul has only two confirmed marriages.

The first was to Sora, [20] [27] whose death set Ra's on the path to becoming the "Demon's Head". The second was to Melisande, [28] [29] Talia's mother. Ra's also appears to have an unnamed sister [31] or half-sister, [32] a female assassin belonging to a group called the "Daughters of Acheron", whose members share the same father. In Batman and Robin 12, it is revealed that Talia has cloned her son, Damian.

Additionally, Nyssa once stated that she has given birth twelve times, [35] opening the possibility of Ra's having many other descendants.

Involvement with Batman[ edit ] After Talia encounters and falls in love with Batman in Detective Comics MayRa's begins to consider Batman as a possible heir. Ra's first deduces Batman's secret identity when he reasons the Dark Knight has to be rich, and learns only Bruce Wayne has bought the equipment a crime fighter would have; he is then ready to put Batman to a final test. Ra's surprises Batman in the Batcaveseemingly to enlist Batman's aid in rescuing both Talia and Dick Graysonthe first Robinboth of whom have apparently been kidnapped.

Batman soon discovers the whole affair is a charade orchestrated by Ra's to test Batman, which he passes.

relationship between bane and ras al ghul

Ra's asks Batman to become his heir, which Batman refuses, appalled by his genocidal plan to "cleanse" the world. This story was later adapted into a two-part story in Batman: Despite being mortal enemies, Ra's al Ghul and Batman maintain some level of respect towards one another. Similar to The RiddlerRa's admires Batman's intellectual prowess first and foremost, regularly referring to Batman as "Detective" or "The Detective" when speaking to or about him.

relationship between bane and ras al ghul

Despite being aware of Batman's true identity as Bruce Wayne since their first meeting, Ra's has never exposed that information to the public or Batman's other foes; something Batman once attributed to Ra's' personal code of honor. However, Ra's has repeatedly used that knowledge to his own advantage when fomenting plans and contingencies against Batman.

relationship between bane and ras al ghul

In the story "Resurrection Night" in BatmanRa's helps all of Batman's foes to escape from Arkham Asylum and the Gotham State Penitentiary, setting them on a plan to abduct certain individuals across Gotham City who are linked in one form or another to Batman. Ra's' true intent is to show Batman the folly of his efforts to protect a corrupt society, to his mind, allows criminals to exist and flourish.

Ra's eventually uses the Pit while still healthy, both increasing his strength and putting his life at risk, in an attempt to outmatch the Dark Knight. The plan backfires, as Ra's is left writhing in the pit, seemingly destroyed.

Other versions[ edit ] Son of the Demon[ edit ] In the graphic novel Son of the Demon, Ra's successfully enlists Batman's aid in defeating a rogue assassin and warlord, Qayin a variation on the spelling of Cainwho has murdered Ra's' then-wife Melisande Talia's mother. During this storyline, Batman marries Talia and she becomes pregnant. Batman is nearly killed protecting Talia from the assassin's agents. In the end, Talia ends her relationship with Batman, unwilling to put him in danger.

She claims to have miscarried and the marriage is dissolved. He engaged Ra's in a sword fight and left the man that he believed to be Ra's for dead as part of the floor above fell upon him. Ducard was then rescued by his pupil as the fortress collapsed and was then left unconscious in the mountain village by Bruce.

Attack on Gotham "No one can save Gotham. When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural. Tomorrow, the world will watch in horror as its greatest city destroys itself. The movement back to harmony will be unstoppable this time. Bruce told him that he saved his life and Ra's said, "I warned you about compassion, Bruce. Ra's explained the League's plans to use Fear Toxin that was invented by their partner, Dr.

Jonathan Crane Scarecrow to infect the city with, and watch it destroy itself in a state of panic. Ra's said that the League had attempted to use economics as a means of destruction in their previous attack on Gotham, which created the Gotham Depression and led the murder of Bruce's parents when Joe Chill attempted to mug them after the loss of his job.

Their deaths subsequently prompted the industries to band together and save the city. He explained that the destruction of Gotham was merely another mission by the League to correct humanity's recurring fits of decadence.

Ra's then had his henchmen burn down the manor as a falling log knocked Bruce unconscious. Ra's stated that, "Justice is balance.

relationship between bane and ras al ghul

You burned my house and left me for dead. Ra's commented that Batman took his advice of using "theatricality" too literally before he escaped and continued with his plans. Batman caught up with him again, and the teacher and student had one final battle on a runaway train that contained the Microwave Emitter.

Ra's dominated Batman in physical combat, kicked him off his fee, and attempted to strangle him, but his arrogance was ultimately his downfall after Batman revealed that he had no intention of stopping the train and pushed Ra's over, and pinned him down.

James Gordon assisted Batman in taking out the steel support system that held up the train track using the Tumbler ; and Batman told Ra's that he had failed to be mindful of his own surroundings. Mirroring Ra's' own philosophy of compassion being a weakness, Batman refused to kill Ra's but also refused to save him, and left him to die in the following crash. Ra's meditated before he died as the train ran out of track and fell moments later into a parking garage and the Microwave Emitter that the train contained, exploded.

Aftermath Following Ra's demise, the League of Shadows, though greatly diminished and defeated, continued on. As heir apparent, Talia learned of the events that transpired surrounding her father's fate and swore to honor him by continuing his mission of ridding the world of Gotham City. The Dark Knight Rises "You yourself fought the decadence of Gotham for years, with all your strength, all your resources, all your moral authority.

And the only victory you could achieve was a lie. Gotham is beyond saving.

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And must be allowed to die. Ra's expressed his disappointment that Bruce had doubted that he would return, and he claimed to be immortal through another method—one that produced an heir. Bruce deduced that Ra's was the mercenary whose wife was taken from him and who had fathered the only child that escaped from the Pit. Following the events of the film, Batman encountered agents of Ra's who targeted and undermined the Wayne Foundation Charity and Batman investigated whether or not Ra's survived the train crash.

Co-writer David Goyer explained the casting direction in a Batman Begins: The Screenplay interview as coming down to the character having a paternal relationship rather than a fraternal one with Bruce Wayne. Viggo Mortensen was also a consideration for the villain role believed to be Ra's al Ghul according to Michael Caine during Pre-Production. Nolan said that he wasn't familiar with Ra's al Ghul, but after doing his research, said that he that liked Ra's as a style of villain similar to a villain in the James Bond fictional film universe in a Batman Begins: Goyer said that it was Nolan's idea that Ducard should exist in the film, and that the mentor and villain be the same person.

Christopher Nolan said that it was "very important" for Scarecrow to seem like a central threat or main villain before the third act reveal of Bruce's first act mentor figure as the super-villain threat in a Batman Begins: According to Nolan, since Neeson is commonly cast as a mentor figure, the realization that Neeson was the film's main villain was intended to shock viewers. Liam Neeson said of his Batman Begins character incarnation, "Well, I think he's quite a mysterious sort of guy.

I think he's a citizen of many cultures. I think, even though it doesn't come out in the film, I think he's as rich as Bruce Wayne, and has access to enormous, enormous funds of money.

And he's like Bruce Wayne. He wants to defeat evil and corruption in the world. And has developed a way of doing that, without revealing too much.