Relationship between bayard rustin and martin luther king jr

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relationship between bayard rustin and martin luther king jr

Yet of all the leaders of the civil rights movement, Bayard Rustin lived and worked in It was, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, the “greatest demonstration for He had no relationship with his father, and his year-old mother, Florence, was . Bayard Rustin—the openly gay economic justice and civil rights activist, mentor to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and organizer of the famous March on Indeed, Coretta continued her close relationship with gays through. As America observes the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, there is one name you may not hear: Bayard Rustin.

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But there had been few takers from the civil rights movement for a national march until demonstrations erupted in Birmingham in Spring. Rustin speaks at the March on Washington's national headquarters in August The following eight weeks, writes D'Emilio, "were the busiest in Rustin's life. He had to build an organization out of nothing. He had to assemble a staff and shape them into a team able to perform under intense pressure.

He had to craft a coalition that would hang together despite organizational competition, personal animosities and often antagonistic politics. He had to manoeuvre through the mine field of an opposition that ranged from liberals who were counselling moderation to segregationists out to sabotage the event. And he had to do all of this while staying enough out of the public eye so that the liabilities he carried would not undermine his work.

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The building soon resembled a cross between a student union in occupation and a military headquarters on high alert. It was very collegial, very primitive and very egalitarian. He was in constant motion, interrupting conversations to answer phones even as he passed notes to staff, doodled and chain-smoked.

As Rustin announced the abandonment of each new aspect, his young staff would berate him, partly in jest, partly in frustration. Ever the coalition builder, Rustin explained: It will be the biggest rally in history.

It will show the Black community united as never before — united also with whites from labor and the churches, from all over the country. Impressed with Rustin's organizational skills, A.

Muste appointed him as FOR's secretary for student and general affairs. Rustin was also a pioneer in the movement to desegregate interstate bus travel.

relationship between bayard rustin and martin luther king jr

Inhe boarded a bus in Louisvillebound for Nashvilleand sat in the second row. A number of drivers asked him to move to the back, according to Southern practice of Jim Crowbut Rustin refused. The bus was stopped by police 13 miles north of Nashville and Rustin was arrested.

He was beaten and taken to the police station, but was released uncharged. CORE was conceived as a pacifist organization based on the writings of Mohandas Gandhi 's who used non-violent resistance against British rule in India. From toRustin was imprisoned in Lewisburg Federal Penitentiarywhere he organized protests against segregated dining facilities.

Who Designed the March on Washington?

After his release from prison, he was frequently arrested for protesting against British colonial rule in India and Africa. He sang spirituals and Elizabethan songs, accompanied on the harpsichord by Margaret Davison.

Commonwealth of Virginia that banned racial discrimination in interstate travel as unconstitutional.

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Participants in the Journey of Reconciliation were arrested several times. Arrested with Jewish activist Igal RoodenkoRustin served twenty-two days on a chain gang in North Carolina for violating state Jim Crow laws regarding segregated seating on public transportation. The conference had been organized before Gandhi's assassination earlier that year.

Between andRustin also met with leaders of independence movements in Ghana and Nigeria. Rustin was arrested in Pasadena, Californiain for sexual activity with another man in a parked car. Originally charged with vagrancy and lewd conduct, he pleaded guilty to a single, lesser charge of "sex perversion" as sodomy was officially referred to in California then, even if consensual and served 60 days in jail.

Bayard Rustin: the gay black pacifist at the heart of the March on Washington

This was the first time that his homosexuality had come to public attention. He had been and remained candid in private about his sexuality, although homosexual activity was still criminalized throughout the United States. After his conviction, he was fired from FOR. He became the executive secretary of the War Resisters League. Later, in Montana, an American Legion chapter made his conviction in Pasadena public to try to cancel his lectures in the state.

A Quaker Search for an Alternative to Violence," [29] published in This was one of the most influential and widely commented upon pacifist essays in the United States.

relationship between bayard rustin and martin luther king jr

Rustin had wanted to keep his participation quiet, as he believed that his known sexual orientation would be used by critics as an excuse to compromise the page pamphlet when it was published.

It analyzed the Cold War and the American response to it, and recommended non-violent solutions. King was organizing the public transportation boycott in Montgomery, Alabamawhich became known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. According to Rustin, "I think it's fair to say that Dr.

King's view of non-violent tactics was almost non-existent when the boycott began. In other words, Dr.

relationship between bayard rustin and martin luther king jr

King was permitting himself and his children and his home to be protected by guns. He believed a social movement "has to be based on the collective needs of people at this time, regardless of color, creed, race. Many African-American leaders were concerned that Rustin's sexual orientation and past Communist membership would undermine support for the civil rights movement.

Representative Adam Clayton Powell Jr. March on Washington[ edit ] Rustin and Cleveland Robinson of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 7, Despite shunning from some civil rights leaders, [w]hen the moment came for an unprecedented mass gathering in Washington, Randolph pushed Rustin forward as the logical choice to organize it. Both men denied the allegation of an affair. Rustin was instrumental in organizing the march. He drilled off-duty police officers as marshals, bus captains to direct traffic, and scheduled the podium speakers.

Eleanor Holmes Norton and Rachelle Horowitz were aides. Before the march could come to fruition, President Franklin D. A young King would be forever changed after his encounter with Rustin. And so when Rustin arrived in Montgomery, Dr. King to accept pacifism as a way of life.

But the meeting would mark the beginning of a long, sometimes tenuous relationship between the two. Civil rights leaders during the Democratic National Convention. Ralph David Abernathy, a leader of the successful Montgomery bus boycott, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Henry, chairman of the Mississippi branch of the N. Tensions came to a head, and the worst fears of civil rights activists were realized at the Democratic National Convention. Kennedy and his running mate Lyndon B.

In response, Democratic leadership sent black congressman Adam Clayton Powell to stop the march before it happened. Prior to the convention, Powell sent an intermediary to threaten King, telling him that if they proceeded with the march, he would accuse King of having an affair with Rustin, not only killing the march but also dealing a possibly fatal blow to the movement as a whole.