Relationship between plant growth and music

Science Fair Projects - Effect of music on plant growth

relationship between plant growth and music

Sound is known to affect the growth of plants and plants respond to music . Dossey, L. (): Being green: On the relationships between people and plants. We?ve all heard that playing music for plants helps them grow faster. So can music accelerate plant growth, or this just another urban legend?. Music and plants. The effect of music on plant growth is still a debatable subject among scientists and experts. Many experiments have been performed by both.

In other words, plants don't distinguish between music and other sounds. However, music does help plants grow How Music Affects Growth The exact cause of music's effect on plants is unclear. It is thought that plants may have "mechanoreceptors" that respond to pressure. Sound waves are made up of compressed air molecules. In humans, mechanoreceptors in the ears are able to detect and distinguish sound waves in the form of pressure as each wave strikes the inner ear.

If plants have similar receptors, they too could respond to the changes in sound waves, such as those from music. Sciencing Video Vault Plant Communication Plants also seem to listen to the vibrations of one another. Plants that are near other plants tend to grow faster and healthier than those grown in isolation.

Other research indicates that vibration from sounds such as music can turn genes on and off, indicating that plants may "listen" to their surroundings to know when to express certain genes. If scientists can gain a better understanding of this phenomenon, it is likely that sounds such as music could be used to promote growth.

Music And Plants – How To Use Music To Boost Plant Growth

Plant Defense Other evolutionary considerations may have caused plants to develop the ability to sense sound waves. Two sets were selected — one treated with piece of music and second set untreated i. Amongst the two set, music treated plants shown better performance in terms of the seed germination and growth of plant. Number of seeds germinated, root length, plant height, number of leaves, leaf size was found to be more for the plants subjected to music and less for the control set.

Music Therapy, plant growth, seed germination Introduction: A property of living things is that they respond to stimuli.

relationship between plant growth and music

Plants are complex multicellular organisms considered as sensitive as humans for initial assaying of effects and testing new therapies Benford, ; Dossey, ; Kristen, Sound is known to affect the growth of plants and plants respond to music the same as humans do.

Jagdish Chandra Bose made a number of pioneering discoveries in plant physiology.

Music And Plants - How To Use Music To Boost Plant Growth

He used his own invention, the cresco graph, to measure plant response to various stimuli, and thereby scientifically proved parallelism between animal and plant tissues. Music causes drastic changes in plants metabolism. Plants enjoy music, and they respond to the different types of music and its wave-length. Music containing hardcore vibrations could be devastating to plants http: There is a right and a wrong way to play music to plants.

For example, the volume should be taken into consideration and also the type of music played eg. Certain types of music can wreck havoc on plants. Other types of music can make your plants thrive. Heavy metal music should never be played around a plant. It can have devastating effects.

Even played at a low volume, heavy metal music can be very damaging to a sensitive plant.

  • Is there a correlation between plant growth and music?
  • The Effect of Music on Plant Growth

Plants are not fond of pop music. Plants subjected to rock music become stunted. If they are continually exposed to rock music for more than 10 days, they will eventually die on the other hand classical or devotional music enhances the plant growth and increases yield has been observed. Country music is well-favored by plants.

In recent experiments that have been conducted, country music has beat out classical music by a slight margin. Classical music has a gentle vibration, and it's easy on plants. It is relaxing and has no hard beat.

Does Music Affect Plant Growth? | Sciencing

They will practically dance to it. The foliage will point upwards as if it is looking up to the heavens http: Violin music significantly increases plant growth.

relationship between plant growth and music

Overall, the best options for a plant are country, classical and violin music. If farmers and gardener know what type of music, if any, helps plants grow more quickly, stronger, or more lush, it could affect the efficiency of their farming techniques.

This could result in a much more successful business for farmers http: Thus, the present experimentation was done with the objective to study the effect of music on the growth of the selected plant.