Relationship between teito and frau

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relationship between teito and frau

He is arrested and later sent to attack Teito at the Church where he fled as a one- winged Kor. In the anime Mikage is killed by Frau while in Ghost form, but in the. Teito realizes here what it means for Frau to be one of the seven "ghost . 07 Ghost · 07 ghost frau | teito and frau | Tumblr 07 Ghost, Anime Love, Ghosts. Ghost (セブンゴースト, Sebun Gōsuto) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Teito pretends to hold Mikage hostage, then makes his escape, though he is wounded by a Zaiphon blast that Ayanami directs at him. .. His relationship with Teito involves a lot of Mikage teasing Teito, Teito beating him up in.

I felt like a part of me died as well". When Mikage's soul is taken by Ayanami and he dies, he begs Teito not to look for revenge, but instead to keep walking towards the light.

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This shakes Teito's beliefs, because Mikage was his 'light'. Later, Mikage becomes reincarnated as a small pink dragon called Burupya because he wished to protect Teito, no matter what form. Even after his death, Teito still cares about Mikage very much; when Teito is struggling with learning how to use the Bascules, Bastien tells him that he needs to think of his feelings for God in his heart.

Teito then thinks "Though I don't really know anything about God, I'm thinking of you Although Frau is quite the ladies man, flirting with girls and regularly looking at porn, his relationship with Teito is a bit questionable. He enjoys teasing and annoying Teito about how he looks like a small child, and for all his teasing, he also keeps Teito's spirits up with impromptu pep-talks. And despite Frau's tough looks and rough exterior, he is actually very caring and cares very much for Teito, showing some hints like protecting him from danger and carrying him bridal style.

He also says that his meeting with Teito for the first time is not a coincidence but that it actually was fated for them both to meet and considers Teito to be a "shining ray" in his life. To Teito "I like your soul so I wouldn't mind dying by your hands if I had to. There's also that scarf Teito intentionally buys for Frau in the manga during the Capella arc.

However, he gave it to a homeless person instead. While Mikage teases Teito, it is always light-hearted, and it is usually to encourage Teito to be more lively. However, while Mikage annoys Teito- he becomes annoyed and offended when others say hurtful things to his friend, and will not hesitate to defend Teito when he comes under attack, regardless of who it is.

He acted like a protective older brother, and he would cheer him up when he became sad, and defend him when others teased him, although Mikage also sometimes adopted a motherly role to Teito e. His trust in his friend was unquestionable, and he believed Teito above everything else.

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Mikage's faith in Teito was shown when he heard Teito had been imprisoned, and Mikage was willing to sacrifice everything he worked for on a whim, [2] and despite not hearing the whole story, Mikage was immediately convinced Teito was justified and helped him escape. Even when imprisoned, Mikage refused to incriminate Teito.

Even though this cost him his life, Mikage bore no ill will towards Teito, and instead wished to continue to protect Teito in another life. Now unable to speak, Mikage still remains by Teito's side.

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At times, it is unclear whether they are simply good friends or something more. Teito comes to Mikage's rescue, but when the Kor captures Mikage and is about to kill him, The Eye of Mikhail activates, blinding the Kor. Frau comes and defeats the Kor while Teito becomes unconscious. When Teito wakes up, he and Mikage talk while the bishops watch them. As Teito and Mikage talk, Mikage is being watched by one of Castor's dolls.

Mikage has a flashback of him and Teito when they were in the academy. Mikage notices a little boy watching him from behind a tree, but when he tries to talk to the boy, he runs off. The boy is caught stealing bread from a shop, but the bishops let him go. He tells Teito and Mikage his name is Tajio and tells them that his mom is dead and his dad went to go earn money.

Meanwhile, the sisters put on a play for people who are visiting the church, but Tajio thinks its real and interrupts the play until Mikage comes to take him away. Tajio's dad comes to take him home, but the dad is revealed to be a Kor. Frau arrives and defeats the Kor, and Tajio and his dad go home. Mikage suddenly feels something inside of himself awaken, and as one last favor Mikage begins to scream in pain. Ayanami possesses Mikage, releasing only one Kor wing. Meanwhile, at the main Church, Castor senses that his doll has lost signal and Frau senses that a half Kor has entered the church.

He goes off to find Teito. Teito in the meanwhile, has been found by Ayanami, and Teito begs him to give Mikage back.

relationship between teito and frau

Ayanami puts a restraining collar on Teito's neck. Teito attempts to commit suicide in order to save Mikage, only falling unconscious. Teito finally awakens with his eyes bloody-red and the Eye-of-Mikhail on his hand.

The Collar on Teito's neck is close to bursting. Half out of control, Teito sends out multiple shots of Zaiphon damaging mass of the room.

Ayanami uses a Binding-Zaiphon to strangle him and stop him, so he can't do much damage. Frau cuts off the strangling Threads from Teito and tries to stop Ayanami. Frau uses his catch phrase, "May god be with you", revealing who he is to Teito.

Ayanami and Frau have a little discussion. In a short period of time where the scythe is close to Mikage, Ayanami takes action and pushes the Scythe away. A short part of the Wing is cut off. Ayanami stops controlling Mikage, while Mikage's Wing starts to shatter.

Feathers appear and Mikage is starts to vanish. Teito rushes to Mikage, but then Mikage vanishes. Frau then takes Teito to his dorm. Moments appear, where Teito and Mikage befriended and some things what happened.

Frau visits Teito, and Teito notices a cute pet which is crawling close to him, which turns out to be the reincarnation of Mikage.

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Frau tries to remove Teito's collar but ends up making pact with him meaning Frau has become Teito's master. When Teito reveals he knows it was Frau, Castor puts him to sleep. As Castor gets ready to erase his memories, Frau interferes and says that if he is to erase his memory of seeing him as Zehel, then he will also forget Mikage's last smile.

As he leaves, Frau's scythe goes out control and tries to attack an unconscious Teito, who awakens as the god Mikhail. Mikhail insulted then uses illusions to threaten Castor and Frau who can barely stand againest Mikhail's power, Mikhail realising that they are the seven ghosts says that if they were normal humans then they would have died or passed out. Castor tells Frau that the collar on Teito's neck has three commands: Bind, Sleep and Pain.

Frau puts Mikhail to sleep with the sleep command. Teito regains concisousness and is taken to a place showing Mikage's last words.

relationship between teito and frau

Castor advises him to take the Bishops Exam. Teito decides to take it, and Castor says he must pass the written exam first: It took Frau three years to memorize it, but when Teito takes a look at one of the books, he realizes he has read them before. Teito reveals he remembers most of it when Castor tests him. The second exam tests the person's ability to use Zaiphon techniques. Teito tries using it, but fails.

Castor gives him a sort of pin that proves he is taking the Bishops Exam. When Teito doesn't progress with using a bascule, or staff, Castor gives Teito a Frau doll with incredible speed. After the doll acts like a pervert to the three sisters, Teito activates the staff and blows the doll up. After a talk with Labrador, Teito decides to learn and expose the truth of the world. While wandering in the hall, Teito sees a person looks like Mikage, but unfortunately is an examinee named Hakuren Oak.

Then it switches to Teito and Hakuren who get into an argument, and both of them agree that if they weren't in a Church, they'd beat each other up. Then as Hakuren walks away, Mikage jumps from Teito's shoulder to Hakuren's head.

Teito rushes after them and ends up watching Assistant Arch-Bishop Bastian demonstrating how to destroy a Kor without hurting the vessel. When its over, Teito runs into Frau, Castor, and Labrador. They encourage him in his studies, and Castor tells Teito that starting that night he's going to give Teito special training.

Teito is finally moved from the guest room, into the dorms for the Bishop Candidates. It turns out that his roommate is Hakuren Oak. After cleaning his Bascule, Hakuren declares that they should practice with their Bascules.

So they make their way to the training room where they're greeted by the gate keeper who turns out to be an ex-criminal. Suddenly, Aldo, the gate keeper, collapses. Teito and Hakuren take him to the infirmary, causing them to be late to class. The Bishop Candidates enter the training hall, where hundreds of Kor are trapped in a water barrier. He even accidentally blows up the training hall with his zaiphon. Later that night Teito can't sleep so he goes for a walk.

He ends up stopping by a picture of a woman holding a baby. Then he gets a flashback of a strange man holding him when he was a child. He then returns to his room. The next day Teito heads towards the library and ends up seeing a vision of his past again, causing him to fall out of his chair. He then is joined by Hakuren and Frau. Hakuren gives a book to Frau, which ends up being one of Frau's many porn stashes. The two instantly bond after that. They both leave after that.

Later Teito is seen looking for Frau's room in order to return his broken Bascule. As he approaches it he overhears Frau and Castor talking about him. Frau senses someone at the door and opens it to reveal a shocked Teito. He apologizes to Frau, then runs off upset. He has another flashback about his life as a church orphan with "Father. Frau in turn tells Teito that its up to him to decide whether or not to trust them.

A mysterious figure is seen challenging Castor, by almost attacking him. That night Teito begins his special training with Castor and the "Frau" dolls. When Teito returns to his room, Hakuren inquires about what he was doing so late at night. As Teito changes, Hakuren notices the sklave tattoo on Teito's lower back.

Then, Hakuren tells Teito the reason he wants to become a Bishop. One night during his training session, Castor gives him a professional-grade Bascules and tells him to try it out on the "Frau" dolls. He sends them flying and when he's done, Castor invites Hakuren to join them since he'd been watching the whole thing for a while.