Relationship between wife and husband in telugu

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relationship between wife and husband in telugu

of nominal propinduity to the 3)зо°35°о crgo ЭбрёS гоё relations of the wife, husband. tlius, there is an Эос, гos Кооёдобо ёоб, affinity between the wife. The Telugu Hindu wedding ceremony is the traditional wedding ceremony of the Telugu people he has discarded the worldly pleasures (such as marriage, relations and properties) and is no longer interested in leading a family life. . These beads, along with the silver toe rings, symbolize that she is a married woman. Brother-in-law (Husband's Younger Brother). maridi. ma-ri-di. Brother-in-law ( Wife's Brother). bAvamaridi. bA-va-ma-ri-di. Brother. (Wife's Elder Sister's Husband).

Telugu Brahmins ' wedding customs differ from the wedding customs of the other Telugu communities. The aim is to purify them and make them prepared to perform sacred rites. This is done to cleanse their skin, so that it radiates a natural glow after they bathe. This is where the actual ceremony begins. They are given a new set of clothing to wear and are blessed that everything goes by well in the preparation.

The bride is told not to go out of town until the actual wedding ceremony. Thereafter, the family members get together to perform Aarti. They pray for the bride and groom to be granted the wisdom to lead their lives happily. It is during this time that Pravara a ritual of changing the Bride's gotram clan from her paternal gotram to that of the Groom is performed.

During the ceremony, the bride sits in a bamboo basket. The groom holds the hand of the bride. The Mantras is spoken: This ceremony is observed to communicate that the married couple's relationship is unbreakable and they are inseparable. The ritual Pravara of changing bride's gotram is once performed again on the marriage dais in the presence of the groom and everyone attending the ceremony.

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Henceforth, the bride no longer belongs to the father's gotra, but now belongs to the groom's. The groom wears a white dhoti with a red border. White symbolizes purity and red represents strength.

Six of the ten women hold plates containing sacred rice a mixture of rice and turmeric powderwhile the rest of them hold small lit lamps on their respective plates. Rice represents abundance, while the lit lamps symbolize light. In order to perform the ritual, the partition between the bride and groom is removed. Married people witnessing this occasion come forward to bless the couple, by sprinkling flower petals and rice coated with turmeric powder.

It is also believed that the man bends to the woman in order to claim her as his.


Also in order to ward-off the evil eye, the bride is adorned by a string of black beads during the ceremony. These beads, along with the silver toe rings, symbolize that she is a married woman.

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A silly, insignificant incident or sometimes even a single word is enough to make them lose their mental balance. They will always blame each other, but never try to find a solution for the misunderstandings and conflicts. As a result, they suffer and also cause their children to suffer. Married life can be a rich field of learning that teaches the couple to develop such qualities as patience and humility.

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There are different passages in life. Marriage is one such passage, and it is one of the most important ones there is. For a person who lives in the world i. Married life, if it is lived with the proper love and understanding, will help awaken the feminine within a man, and the masculine within a woman. This balance can eventually help both of them reach the final goal of eternal freedom.

relationship between wife and husband in telugu

Your mind is the past. Stop clinging to the past and you will be free and peaceful. To cling to the past is like living in the dark. We all want to be in the light. Stop fighting the past, stop reacting to it, and you will be in the light.

Telugu wedding ceremony

You will then clearly be able to see everything that is happening within you. With such a clear vision it is possible to form a true relationship. For example, a husband may think of something without saying a word about it. Yet somehow his wife is aware of it. He thinks of something and his wife says the same thing, or he wishes to do something and his wife suddenly expresses the same wish.

Why is there no real love in married life? What causes the conflicts and the friction? There is a serious lack of understanding between the husband and wife. For the development of a true relationship to take place, a basic understanding of human nature, the nature of men and women, is essential.

relationship between wife and husband in telugu

Men are mostly intellectually centred, while women tend to be more emotional. They dwell in two different centers, along two parallel lines. No real meeting takes place within them. How, then, can there be any love between the two? The love between a married couple is usually only skin deep. When you listen to your partner, he or she should be able to feel that you are genuinely interested and that you would sincerely like to help.

Your partner should feel your care and concern, your respect and admiration. An open acceptance of the other is needed, and there should be no reservations.

If she has the right attitude, the family life will become peaceful. If both the husband and wife are obstinate and unyielding in nature, both should try to correct each other by cultivating and developing patience and forgiveness in themselves.

Always try to recognise and admire the good qualities in each other. Whatever your weaknesses may be, they should remain a secret between the two of you.

relationship between wife and husband in telugu

You should work out your problems together with a positive attitude, without provoking or hurting each other with accusations. First of all, we should become aware of our own weaknesses, because this is the best way to remove them. When you are pointing out a weakness, do so lovingly and with every intention of eradicating it in a positive way from your lives.