Step by inch abbott and costello meet

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step by inch abbott and costello meet

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Wilbur discovers that the crates contain the bodies of Dracula and the Frankenstein monster.

Abbott & Costello - The Niagara Falls Sketch ("Slowly I Turned") - video dailymotion

Dracula revives the Frankenstein monster, intending to use it as his servant. This comedy, which is one of the famous duo's best, starts when the pair's investigation blossoms into an attempt to solve a series of murders that have all occurred at Lost Canyons Hotel. Director Charles Barton keeps the mystery going until the finish.

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One of the best bits is when Boris Karloff, barely disguised as the sinister mystic Swami Talpur, tries to get Freddie to commit suicide under hypnosis while screaming "You're going to commit suicide if it's the last thing you do.

The farce flows freely from the story by Hugh Wedlock and Howard Snyder who penned the screenplay with the help of John Grant.

step by inch abbott and costello meet

Fake Svengali Karloff pops around many a corner, giving the boys quite a scare as they bungle their way to the bottom of the mystery. Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man -- Two bumbling private detectives become involved in helping prize-fight contender Tommy Nelson who is trying to clear his name from a murder charge. Jack, played by Lou Costello, starts reading "Jack and the Beanstalk" to his charge, Donald, but fails to pronounce the big words. Donald then takes over, whilst reading Jack falls asleep and is transported to a magical world.

Jack trades his cow to the village butcher played by Abbot for five magic beans, the beans are planted and overnight a stalk grows into the skies, where the cruel giant, played by Buddy Baer, lives with his statuesque housekeeper Dorothy Ford; the hen that lays the golden eggs, and the talking harp. The giant kidnaps the prince and princess and Jack climbs the beanstalk to rescue the royal pair followed by the butcher who just wants to steal the riches.

When Chick leaves the room to retrieve the second crate, Wilbur reads aloud the Dracula legend printed on an exhibit card. The coffin slowly creaks open. Wilbur is so frightened that his attempts to call Chick result in helpless sputtering.

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Before Chick returns with the second crate, Dracula climbs unnoticed out of his coffin and hides in the shadows. Wilbur claims that the coffin opened, but Chick shows him that it is in fact empty.

step by inch abbott and costello meet

While the boys open the second crate containing the Monster, Chick leaves the room to greet McDougal and the insurance agent. Dracula now hypnotizes Wilbur and reanimates the Monster.

They both leave and by the time McDougal, the insurance agent, and Chick enter, both crates are empty.

Abbott & Costello - The Niagara Falls Sketch ("Slowly I Turned")

McDougal accuses the boys of theft and has them arrested. Sandra, a gifted surgeon who has studied Dr. Frankenstein's notebooks, has seduced Wilbur as part of Dracula's plan to replace the Monster's brutish brain with a more pliable one—Wilbur's. Wilbur and Chick are bailed out of jail. They assume that Sandra posted bond, but Joan Raymond Jane Randolphan undercover investigator for the insurance company, did so.

step by inch abbott and costello meet

Joan also feigns love for Wilbur, hoping that he will lead her to the missing "exhibits". Wilbur invites Joan to a masquerade ball that evening.

The Making of Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein

Meanwhile, Lawrence Talbot has tracked Dracula and the Monster from Europe and has taken the apartment across the hall from Wilbur and Chick. Talbot asks Chick and Wilbur to help him find and destroy Dracula and the Monster. Wilbur believes, but Chick remains skeptical. That night Wilbur, Chick and Joan go to Sandra's castle to pick her up for the ball. Wilbur answers a telephone call from Talbot, who informs them that they are in fact in the "House of Dracula". Wilbur reluctantly agrees to search the castle with Chick and soon stumbles upon a basement staircase that leads to a boat and dock.

Chick insists they search for Dracula and the Monster to prove to Wilbur that they do not really exist. Behind a revolving door, Wilbur experiences a few close calls with the monsters; whenever he tries to get Chick's attention, the monsters have disappeared. Meanwhile, Joan discovers Dr. Frankenstein's notebook in Sandra's desk and Sandra finds Joan's insurance company employee ID in her purse. As the men and women prepare to leave for the ball, a suavely dressed Dr.

step by inch abbott and costello meet

Dracula introduces himself to Joan and the boys. Also working at the castle is the naive Prof. Stevens Charles Bradstreetwho questions some of the specialized equipment that has arrived.

After Wilbur admits that he was in the basement, Sandra feigns a headache and tells Wilbur and the others that they will have to go to the ball without her.

step by inch abbott and costello meet

In private, Sandra admits to Dracula that Stevens' suspicions, Joan's credentials, and Wilbur's snooping in the basement have made her nervous enough to put the experiment on hold. Dracula asserts his will by hypnotizing her and biting her in the neck in a continuity error, Dracula's reflection is visible in a mirror. Vampires do not have reflections, as stated in Dracula Everyone is now at the masquerade ball.

Talbot arrives and confronts Dr. Lahos, who is in costume as Dracula. Lejos easily deflects Talbot's accusations and takes Joan to the dance floor. Sandra lures Wilbur to a quiet spot in the woods and attempts to bite him, but Chick and Larry approach and she flees.

Wilbur escapes, but the Wolf Man attacks McDougal, who is also at the ball.