The 10th victim ending a relationship

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the 10th victim ending a relationship

The 10th Victim () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Coming at the tail-end of one of the most provocative eras of film, European new wave, as Fellini, the movie chugs along into a somewhat twisted relationship between hunter. are organized - members being alternately hunters, and prey, until they end up Evi Rigano in The 10th Victim () The 10th Victim () Ursula Andress. Elio Petri adapted it as the Ursula Andress movie, The 10th Victim, also the The plan is for the hunt to end at the Colosseum, its gladiatorial echoes for an actual relationship growing between the two seems to subvert the.

And what were those farm animals doing in the background there? The story provides little more than a framework for the wild visuals, costumes, music. For most of the movie, the story held up well enough to support the wild style. Not to say that this was a bad movie.

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However, the story inside the movie had so many possibilities, none of which were achieved. The novel would never have been written were it not for the movie, and it incorporates many elements of the screenplay. The screenplay, however, was inspired by the shorter work "The Seventh Victim" by Robert Sheckley, and had incorporated many elements of the short fiction into the screenplay.

the 10th victim ending a relationship

The book lies somewhere between novelization and expansion of The Seventh Victim. I suspect Sheckley would have enjoyed the confusion. He was a man of deep artistic knowledge armed with a deft wit and a philosophical perception. He spent much of his literary career illuminating the absurd within daily life, and that effort is shown here to great effect. In this future world, life has little value.

The 10th Victim Blu-ray

Sheckley takes a hard look at personal freedom and creates an interesting extrapolation: Sheckley takes the opportunity to skewer everything from social engineering the attempt to eliminate murderous citizens merely exacerbates the situation to law and order extremists the penalty for littering is public impalement to romantic relationships to ethnic slurs to What this scene suggests is that there is still rule of law in this future Murder is legal in this future world In South Dakota and Nebraska, for instance, lawmakers have recently debated a law involving "justifiable homicide," making murder -- under certain circumstances -- legal.

Don't retreat, reload, right? In this country, you can bring a gun to church if you want.

the 10th victim ending a relationship

Then, they discount the Colosseum as "too run down. Then, before long, the equivalent of Solid Gold dancers all waving prop guns around Watching these sequences, you can't help but think of the last decade of reality television programming, of being "voted off the island," or of being "fired" from a job.

I also found the film forward-thinking in two other instances. The last few decades, in real life, have seen the mainstreaming of comic books in our culture, and as a critical part of modern Geek life. The Tenth Victim gets this idea right as well. There's even a subplot in the film about Poletti hiding his elderly parents in his home in a secret room Everyone seems to have a grievance: In the film's bravura first sequence, Caroline lures her male hunter to his untimely death She strips down before him -- to a silver bikini -- and he is so taken with her physical beauty that he doesn't see his own death coming.

She shoots him with a double-barrel bra, and that's the end for him. Poletti falls for the ruse and ends up at the Temple of Venus, at the business end of Caroline's pistol.

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He survives by his wits; but the fact of the matter is that Caroline gets him where she wants him. One, men are depicted in the film as being not particularly cunning, bright or capable. And secondly, that women are In other words, Poletti is thoroughly out-matched throughout the film, in all corners of his personal and professional Big Hunt life. It's either anti-woman for painting them as manipulative hunters or it's even-handed because it also paints men as not-too-bright creatures who let their emotions and urges The film's final scene, which finds Caroline and Poletti on a "wedding plane" bound for America explicitly compares marriage to death.

Ursula Andress makes her kill

Caroline hasn't murdered her prey. Instead, she marries him. Either way, he is trapped, the film suggests, and the last shot: Talk about shot-gun weddings But on the other hand, women are often unfairly described in the media as overtly and irrationally