When excellence and ethics meet

Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet by Howard Gardner

when excellence and ethics meet

What does it mean to carry out "good work"? What strategies allow people to maintain moral and ethical standards at a time when market forces wield. Read the full-text online edition of Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet (). What strategies allow us to maintain moral and ethical standards at a time when market forces have unprecedented power and work life is being radically altered .

Online algorithms and book search are actually very effective — and getting better. And from a writing, rather than the publishing, perspective, a bad book is only a precursor to a better one, if the writer keeps writing and learning.

Ethics and Excellence in Self-publishing: Alliance of Independent Authors

We encourage our members to aim high and commit to continuous creative development in writing, production and promotion. It is true that most indie authors make most of their income from ebooks but most also choose to produce print editions, generally through POD print-on-demand.

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Others work with publishing houses for their print editions. More and more indie authors now produce audiobooks too. ALLi encourages our members to publish as widely as possible to Apple iBooks, Kobo, and IngramSpark as well as Amazon and in as many formats as affordable. Do I have to hire an editor?

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Editing is an essential for all writers, at every stage of development. All prizewinning and popular authors like Hilary Mantel and Stephen King need, and appreciate, their editors. You need one too.

when excellence and ethics meet

Writing falls into the realm of art and self-expression. So too does self-publishing, if you are doing it just for yourself, or family and friends. Even then, you might choose to get some professional help.

when excellence and ethics meet

But for the indie author and author-publisher, who hopes to reach readers, it must be factored in. Publishing is a business and every business needs a budget. You will also need a good website and social media set-up to market yourself and your book. These are the expenses of being in the publishing business. As a member of ALLi, you will be connected with our team, advisors other experienced authors who will help, support and guide you in making savvy commercial choices. We also provide a database of reputable and reasonably-priced service providers who are vetted ALLi Partner Members.

And we offer many discounts and deals that reduce your expenses. If I self-publish, can I still attract a trade publisher? Despite those who like to create a phony war between author- versus trade-publishing, many of our members move happily between these options. Writers can now choose different pathways for different projects, and in different phases of their writing lives.

This is a good thing. The stigma that once surrounded self-publishing is dissolving, as more indies experience commercial and creative success. Agents and publishers now trawl author-publishing sites including this one looking for writers with proven talent and fan-bases.

when excellence and ethics meet

The second one is a wake-up call for the profession itself. The picture that Bill portrayed of journalism — where journalists still have ideals, but they feel that the conditions of work make it impossible to achieve those ideals — is a wake-up call for the profession. But the third kind of wake-up call, which none of us had in mind at all while writing the book, is a societal wake-up call.

These wake-up calls are typically the moments when people think again about questions that are easy to ignore: What do I want to be remembered for? But, in some ways, of course, this is the moment when we have a choice to revisit the fundamental values that most of us have learned from our parents and our culture. Over time, evolution does select certain values as being necessary for our civil society to survive.

We take them for granted, as we take good weather for granted and good air for granted. But when we see them threatened, we have to ask ourselves, What is it that makes life worth living? We are now in that position, and I hope we come up with a good answer. To make sure that poor people get justice, to make sure that people get well or get educated, to design excellent and beautiful products?

There is a value core to every profession. Number two is modeling.

Good Work : When Excellence and Ethics Meet: jingle-bells.info: Books

Whom do you admire? Whom would you would like to emulate? Who are the antimentors, the tormentors, the people who really give what you do a bad name? In journalism, we might talk about an Edward R.

Compare journalism, say, in the Gary Condit era to journalism in the September 11 era.

when excellence and ethics meet

The Gary Condit era really showed us journalism at its worst. Let me give you a direct example of something that gets to what you are asking about. I was at a conference of academic psychologists shortly after September What do we contribute? I feel that my work is so out of touch with the things that are really important when an incident like this happens. These people were doing studies for the sake of studies, studies for the sake of getting tenure at universities.

Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet

This incredibly intelligent group of people could have been contributing so much more. In every realm, if you value our civilization, if you value our public life, if you value the good things in our life, most professions have the potential to contribute to the public good and to civilization. But for that to happen, you have to orient people around the right questions, the right tests. What kind of a person do I want to be?

Do I want to do the right thing? Or do I really just want to do what advances my career in the short term?