A short distance relationship dramacool empress

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a short distance relationship dramacool empress

Mawang kept that little tidbit to himself since they never would've let Sun-mi .. to protect him at a distance without revealing who he is—perfectly bittersweet to bind Monkey with love as a twist on the contract relationship trope, and Red Moon, Blue Sun (MBC); An Empress's Dignity (SBS). I always have to hold myself back from telling these couples who get to see each other every day (or heck, even once a week) just how lucky they are. Although he keeps his distance from Hyo-rin, who approaches him knowing in the triangular and quadrilateral relationship composed of Chae-kyeong, . The Empress Dowager, Shin and Chae-kyeong go on a little road trip around Cheju.

Alice takes out her phone and asks about a picture on it, and PK looks heartbroken when he sees a group picture of them with Buja and Summer Fairy. Priestess notices a newspaper with Kang Dae-sung on the front page, announcing his fall from grace in a massive corruption scandal. It finally dawns on her that she really was a demon all along, and she wishes that someone would just burn her so that she could die.

His assistant orders his henchmen to drop it in the middle of the ocean, while Kang Dae-sung screams and writhes inside to no avail. Oh-gong returns to drinking and seems skeptical that Sun-mi fell in love with him and chased him around like crazy, and that he allowed himself to be trapped by a bracelet.

He asks what she did, and she lies that she ran around declaring her love and calling him handsome, and he says that she has no pride.

But the kiss does trigger a memory of a past kiss, and that sends another shooting pain to his heart. She begs him to come outside so that she can prove it. It contains a star that Patriarch plucked from the sky to allow her a day in the living world. He runs inside to find Oh-gong casually hanging out after a bath, and Mawang can barely contain his emotional reaction.

Mawang welcomes him with open arms and urges him to listen to Sun-mi, and to recover his memories so that he can remove his bracelet.

a short distance relationship dramacool empress

Sun-mi visits her old office, sad to see that Han-joo is closing the business in her absence. She clutches the necklace to make herself invisible when he comes in, only to accidentally make herself visible when she knocks a bottle over.

He bursts into tears and Sun-mi smiles as she watches him from outside. Mawang gets sentimental and pretends to have something in his eye, and he and Secretary Ma notice unseasonable flower petals falling from the sky on their way out.

What Science Has to Say About Long-Distance Relationships

In keeping with her opposite theme, Sun-mi takes him to eat ddukbokki, insisting that he loves it. He wonders if maybe he feels sorry towards her for something.

Mawang stops by the General Store looking for Grandma, and the grandson offers to trade phone numbers with Mawang and call him when she comes back. He notices the kid eating mushroom porridge, his favorite food, and they even know of the same restaurant that makes the best in the city. The grandson says that Grandma insisted that he go outside that night and bow to the stars. As he starts describing the sudden shower of blossoms, Mawang is struck with a strange feeling… Is it recognition?

Priestess gives him one last message from Buja: The blue fire engulfs her and she looks up at him gratefully before disappearing into ashes, leaving PK alone with his tears. Mawang asks him to answer one question—whether Iron Fan was reincarnated as a flower—and Patriarch pretends to stretch while making a big O with his arms.

Happy, Mawang in turn tells Patriarch that Oh-gong can remove the bracelet himself if he just pieces together his memories. Sun-mi buys Oh-gong cotton candy to try and relive their happy memories, but he complains when she describes every single one of their past dates as having ended with demon hunting.

But that triggers a memory of watching her watching the stars, and soon Oh-gong remembers confessing his love over and over and telling her that he chooses to be with her. He calls her out for lying to him and snaps his fingers, and a shower of star candies falls from the sky into her lap.

He tells her to go ahead and remove it then, and finally offers up his wrist. But when she tries to pull the bracelet off, it glows but stays put, refusing to budge. He says that she failed and tells her to go back, and disappears before her eyes. He tells her that he remembers everything, including the last thing she said to him—that she was relieved that his love would disappear once she was gone. He says that he kept something from her, and holds his wrist out. To her shock, he pulls the bracelet right off and it disappears in his hand.

Because I love you. The show s fun lies in the episodes concerning the status gap that exists between a prince and an ordinary citizen. As more problems of status arise, the uniqueness of being a prince will be more greatly exposed, and doubling the fun of Princess Hours. When the kings illness gets worse, Crown Prince Shin receives an order to get married his arranged marriage partner. Prince Shin proposes to his girlfriend Min Hyo-rin.

Taking it as a joke, Hyo-rin shows her cute smile and takes off to practice for an international ballet competition. Shin doesnt hold onto her but just smiles faintly as she turns away and leaves. Chae-kyeong has a dad who stays at home as a full time house-husband after his business failed and a mom who works as an insurance consultant.

Chae-kyeong's family, which was able to create happiness in the midst of difficult times, suddenly becomes in-laws with the royal household. To Chae-kyeongs parents everything seems much more like a dream, as they see that the arranged marriage grandfather always boasted of become realized.

Chae-kyeong cries out loud, not willing to accept the fact that she has to get married at the age of nineteen, but Shin accepts the marriage, not caring about who becomes the queen.

To him, shes not a person he ll ever love anyways and she ll just live in the palace like a doll. Meanwhile, Hyo-rin engages herself only in her ballet practice abroad without knowing about her boyfriend s marriage.

Upon hearing this news, the king instinctively senses the danger of Crown Prince Shin losing the crown and orders Shin to be careful of Yool. Shin just laughs at the fight over the crown and ignores the king s words. Chae-kyeong enters the Oon-hyeon palace, the palace of the new queen - bride, to get educated as the future queen.

Shin, who visits the detached palace, is stunned by the beautiful presence of Chae-kyeong in her ceremonial dress Shin Chae-kyeong: Yoon Eun-hye An art major at an art high school who, one day, suddenly becomes the queen.

She is an active girl who goes around wearing her training pants inside her school uniform skirt and enjoys sketching scenes with a comic-like imagination. After she becomes queen she is disappointed that Kwon Tae-byeong is in fact the Crown Prince Shin; a young heartthrob who fights with her endlessly over everyday issues. However, her affectionate feelings toward Shin grow, once she starts living inside the palace and learns of the boredom and loneliness he experiences.

At the same time, she is confused by the feelings she has toward Yool, whom she meets after she has already decided to get married to Shin. Chae-kyeong quickly and profoundly observes the hidden desires and secrets of power found inside of the elegant palace better than anyone else.

She becomes a central character that changes not only the palace itself but also all the other characters in the palace. He possesses the intelligence and appearance of the son of a bright king and a beautiful queen. Although he is irritated by the strict rules and dull life inside the palace and feels bored with his life, he has an intense and ongoing struggle with his own identity. Repelled by the fact that he has to spend his entire life as king inside the palace, he dreams of escape.

When he starts learning what it means to be alive by looking at Queen Chae-kyeong, whom he marries without feelings of love, he gradually gains strength in life and starts to feel love towards her. Meanwhile, he plays love games with Hyo-rin, his ex-lover, and confronts Yool, his rival, at every turn. Kim Jeong-hoon Sir Eui-sung; second-in-line in succession to the throne.

Having spent most of his life abroad, he feels less aversion towards the palace than Shin, and due to his innate optimistic character, intelligence, and down-to-earth attitude, everyone loves him.

While Shin is straightforward in his behavior, Yool thoughtfully and philosophically considers his actions. Yool develops an interest in Chae-kyeong when he first meets her as he transfers to a private school.

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Like a plant absorbing water, he gets involved in the situation of regal authority and in Hyo-rin, naturally falling in love with her and becoming the rival for the one-and-only successor to the crown. Song Ji-hyo She is a perfectionist who has everything, including good looks, money, and brains.

Love-calls from the royal household asking her to be the daughter-in-law are endlessly pouring in. Her interest in becoming the empress of the Republic of Korea and making Shin her own, grows. However, too suddenly she awakens from her dream of becoming the queen when Shin, her lover, has an arranged marriage with Chae-kyeong.


Also, when she approaches Yool, ranked second in succession, and sees the potential of realizing her ambitions, she is perplexed by the unexpected change in emotions she experiences. A character that provides an important change in the triangular and quadrilateral relationship composed of Chae-kyeong, Shin and Yool.

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However Prince Shin, proposes to his secret lover, Hyo-rin Min, an ambitious ballet student who takes his proposal as a joke and turns him down saying that her success as a ballerina is of her primary concern. Meanwhile, the family of Chae-kyeong, an ordinary high school student, is in deep financial trouble for standing security for the wrong person, and is overwhelmed with joy when they receive the marriage proposal from the Royal Family.

Prince Shin agrees to marry the all-too-ordinary prearranged bride provided the Chang-Duk Palace be granted independence and the IkWiSa be reduced.

Moreover, seeing that the prince has no affection for her whatsoever, showing careless cynical behavior throughout the wedding process, Chae-kyeong comes to regret accepting the proposal. Yool has been studying fine art in England, and transfers to a high school for arts, where Shin and Chae-kyeong are also students. Lessons for becoming a proper Crown Princess start as she enters the palace. She has to endure hard training, which includes learning proper ways to talk, memorizing the whole wedding process, etc.

Life in the palace is not an easy task from day one. A huge ceremony is held to welcome the new Crown Princess, and with the entire country as witness, Shin and Chae- kyeong are wed in the traditional 21st century Royal procedure. While Shin is being very serious, Chae-kyeong, on the other hand is busy enjoying the privileges of being the Crown Princess and is slowly adapting to life as a Royal. Chae-kyeong and Shin go to school but Chae-kyeong gets treated like an outcast; the only person that actually talks to her is Yool.


Shin runs into Hyo-rin, who has came back from her contest Eps. Yool, a transfer student in her class, turns out to be prince Ui-seong. At first Chae-kyeong has a hard time adjusting to life in the palace with its strict education and rules, but thanks to the warmth of the emperor and other elders at the palace she starts to find the royal culture attractive. Meanwhile, Hwa-yeong prepares to open a yoga center while plotting with Choi against the other royal family members, while Yool gets closer to Chae-kyeong and her friends.

In addition, after attending a number of events with Shin, she becomes well known to the public and loved by them for her plain looks and free spirit. Yool tells her she should carry herself with dignity but she ignores his advice. Meanwhile, at the palace a party is held to announce the officially married Crowned Prince and his wife to the ambassadors of the constitutional monarchy.

As Hyo-rin thinks back on the good days with Shin she remembers what Hwa-young told her and is determined to get Shin back.

But soon she and the prince are finally allowed to go visit her family. Chae-kyeong is very happy to be back home but Shin has a hard time adjusting, due to the fact that he has lived his whole life in the palace. Shin feels sad to see his family who has always been under the control of his strict father, the King.

Seeing this, Chae-kyeong comforts him and Shin prepares a car just for her.

a short distance relationship dramacool empress

Persuaded by Hyo-rin, Chae-kyeong and Yool join an equestrian club. After overhearing some girls at school talk bad about her she gets hurt and asks Yool to just take her away from the palace some place far away from it all. In, Kyeong, Hwan, and Hyo-rin all go to Thailand. Hyo-rin meets up with Shin and asks him to take her to the airport and the two end up spending a day together. Meanwhile, back at the palace Chae-kyeong has disappeared Eps.

Meanwhile, back at the palace Chae-kyeong gets confined to the palace for leaving the palace walls without permission. Yool after seeing Chae-kyeong get in trouble asks Hwa-young to make him the crowned prince. Chae-kyeong, who has been waiting for Shin to get back from Thailand, finally sees him