Building a relationship with jesus for teens

How to Make Your Relationship with God First in Your Life

building a relationship with jesus for teens

It calls teens to a personal relationship with Christ, helping them by building meaningful relationships within the youth group and parish. Cameron Cole argues that teaching youth about our union with Christ will give them a more accurate understanding of their salvation. Youth Ministry Games gives teens and pre-teens a chance to and is also interested in building faith, and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We work with youth ministers to streamline the administrative side of their ministry so they can focus on reaching more teens. Comprehensive Youth Ministry A vibrant, effective youth ministry is life giving to all teens and to the entire parish community. Youth groups are the most common way a parish ministers to teens.

These events ensure that every teen has a place to belong. Woven together, these groups and events are parts which together make up a whole comprehensive youth ministry.

The most effective youth ministries focus on outreach, community, catechesis, the spiritual and developmental needs of teens, and on empowering teens to be full disciples, actively engaged, in the life of their parish. A comprehensive youth ministry is a proven way of meeting the spiritual and developmental needs of teens, of helping them to find truth, meaning, and relevance in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

What is an effective youth ministry? What does it look like? The US Conference of Catholic Bishops identifies comprehensive youth ministry as meeting the needs of teens in eight key areas. Engage the church to examine its priorities and practices to place teens and family first. Help the church to integrate teens into the life, mission and work of each Catholic parish community.

Catechesis Teaching the faith. Help teens to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus, by increasing their knowledge of the core content of the Catholic faith.

How to Make Your Relationship with God First in Your Life

Foster growth in the mind, heart and will. Community Life Creating a welcome environment rooted in Gospel values where every teen receives respect and acceptance. The community supports the individual teen and fosters meaningful relationships among the teens and between teens with adults. Develop skills in creating and maintaining friendships through relationships centered in Christian values.

Evangelization Sharing the good news and helping teens to experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

building a relationship with jesus for teens

Key elements include outreach, witness, affirmation, invitation, conversion, and discipleship. Empower teens to alleviate human suffering, to defend life, and to establish dignity and rights of all people, as exemplified by Jesus in the scriptures. Leadership Development Developing skills in teens that lead to leadership in church and communities.

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Guidance through invitation, training, support, and nourishment. Empower teens to make a difference in the world. Pastoral Care Providing a compassionate presence of the church to those who are hurting.

building a relationship with jesus for teens

Care for teens and their families in crisis through support, guidance and referral to appropriate professional services. Use of preventive strategies by building skills and morals, which allow teens to make better life choices.

Involve teens more fully in the sacramental life of the church, especially Eucharist. Evangelization is Outreach Youth ministry needs to be open and inviting to every teen. Our focus is not solely on the 10 or even teens attending the meetings, or who are in Confirmation preparation.

Great youth ministers are always looking for ways to connect with more teens. Who are the teens that made First Communion, or attended elementary religious education classes, or the parish school, but are not engaged in the church?

Which families have recently registered in the parish and have teenagers?

building a relationship with jesus for teens

Is there a public high school near the parish? How many are engaged in the parish? And what about teens with no faith, or whose families have never provided any religious experiences, or the teens of other faiths? Are all teens welcome and wanted; do they feel welcome and wanted?

Plugging teens into the faith: A how-to guide

Youth ministry should offer a variety of social events, large and small meetings, and spiritual retreats which will give new teens an entry point into the program. The goal is for youth ministry to be a place where they can belong, and grow in faith. Youth ministry is relational. Teens are looking for authentic mentors who can help guide them. The most powerful evangelization occurs when we take the time to listen to and care about the concerns and questions teens have.

When we care our faith shines through, teens see we are living what we believe, it validates what we teach. They saw miracles happen right in front of them. They encountered religious people acting anything but godly.

building a relationship with jesus for teens

They were persecuted for their beliefs. The longer they spent time with Jesus the more they grasped real-life answers and also stumbled onto more questions. What your teen hears from his pastor may be vastly different than what they hear from unbelieving friends. In the midst of this complexity, they have to sort out what is truth and what is hype. Many parents believe that going to church is enough, but can we ignore recent studies that show that college age students and twenty-somethings often leave their Christian faith behind once they leave the nest, in spite of strong levels of spiritual activity during their teen years?

Rather than just creating really great church kids, our prayer can be to encourage a life-long relationship with Christ that will stand on its own. While you cannot force a relationship with God defeats the purpose of intimacyyou can help your teen by understanding four things that confuse the issue of faith for your son or daughter.

Faithbuster 1 - Living by feelings Living your faith life by feelings happens when God is only as great or as small as the last experience.

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A teen experiences God and they swoosh up. They make a mistake and plummet.

building a relationship with jesus for teens

Let your teen know that God is bigger than our feelings.