Chrono trigger ds 13th ending a relationship

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chrono trigger ds 13th ending a relationship

This is a listing of notable characters from the video game Chrono Trigger, a role- playing video . In the ending FMV scene of the PlayStation and Nintendo DS versions, it is seen that Lucca eventually created a mini-robot modeled after Robo. .. be too difficult to integrate his complex relationship with Schala into the plot. *Spoilers for the Super Nintendo title, Chrono Trigger.* Playstation, Nintendo DS, and Wii Virtual Console, and spawned two sequels. as a result of the created grandfather paradox, leaving Crono and Lucca to find the Think about that: even technology thirteen hundred years more advanced. For Chrono Trigger on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ending 13 Explained?".

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I could be down for that. Soundtrack The soundtrack for Chrono Trigger is excellent. So goodand the town and world map themes are great as well. Make it happen Square! This crossover is great even though all of the Chrono Trigger characters are so dead.

chrono trigger ds 13th ending a relationship

Chrono Trigger has a unique way of making each area unique and exciting through its presentation. Each area demands to be explored, which is a really awesome feat considering that many of them reappear throughout time. Eh, that's my own problem I suppose. Why can't you just take me? I don't have much to go He IS an incredibly powerful wizard with experience in modifying timelines Plus there's that whole thing Gaspar mentioned about the Chrono Trigger having the exact same effect as other serious efforts into bringing someone back.

Arguably a lot more so than Chrono, especially at the point where the cast rescued him. Not to mention Marle's story of being in some weird place after being erased from time.

Chrono Trigger Review: A Nostalgic Epic

All in all, the chances of Sarah being in some spot from where she can be rescued wouldn't be that far-fetched. You try to run away. But there's no escape! The enemy tries to run away. Although just who is more important - Schala or Crono - could be debated, I suppose at least within the context of just the game Chrono Trigger.

Simply because, as Gaspar said, Crono - and his friends - are 'the only ones who can stand up to Lavos. So as long as Lavos ends up being stopped, I wouldn't consider any potential Schala "resurrection" to be a noteworthy or major loose end.

Review: Chrono Trigger (DS)

Yes, I suppose your ideas could have been used to make a spin-off game that follows Magus on such a quest - if indeed that's what Magus was planning to do. Even replaying it now, for the first time in years, I find myself genuinely attached to every character; even Magus is a genuinely interesting character.

chrono trigger ds 13th ending a relationship

And hell, on that note, take that, Square Soft, because it appears you missed that note when Chrono Cross was released.

Another notable quality of CT is the score. Battling is very similar to other JRPGs of the 90s, but there are changes that make a huge difference in how the game flows. This helps keep the flow of the game going, and after going through Final Fantasy IV recently, and currently going through Star Ocean: The First Departure and Brave Story: In addition to regular attacks, there are also special and magic attacks, both of which use magic points, like any other Square RPG.

Characters will eventually learn to use magic depending on what their element is, and will gain additional spells and techniques by building up technique points TPwhich are earned in battles just like gold or experience.

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One nice aspect of the technique and magic system is combined attacks. Certain moves can be combined with the moves of other characters to create more damaging spells, with different attributes. For example, Crono starts out with the Cyclone technique, and Lucca starts out with the Flame Toss; put those two together, and they can use the Fire Whirl technique.

Not every technique and spell can be combined, but plenty of double — and even triple — techniques can be done, and it further inspires gamers to build up techniques evenly to maximize effectiveness. Due to this, the game is not as difficult as comparative games from the 16 bit era, nor as long — about hours on first playthrough, depending on ability and thoroughness — and while this frustrates hardcore types, like those that can do speedruns through Phantasy Star II, but those people are insane anyway.

In a one-sentence write-up, Chrono Trigger shows the famed ATB battle system honed to near perfection, aged like a fine wine that pleases the average scouser, but takes a truly dedicated taster to fully appreciate.