Erich bergen relationship memes

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erich bergen relationship memes

Taking Billboard on a tour of the set is Erich Bergen, who plays McCord's impeccably dressed, tightly wound bisexual executive assistant Blake. Explore Jewel Thompson Black's board "Erich Bergen" on Pinterest. Erich Bergen - Never Give Up The Jersey Boys Movie, Movies For Boys, Never Eligible Bachelor, Erich Bergen, to find out his thoughts on winning, what he wants in a relationship, 21 Quotes From This Madam Secretary Season We'll Never Forget. Erich Bergen in Is he married or dating a new girlfriend? Net worth: Does Erich Bergen have tattoos? Partner, Currently in no confirmed relationship.

Elizabeth meets with Chinese foreign minister Ming Francis Jue to do some damage control. Instead, he says they will try the activists for trespassing. Elizabeth starts to play hardball, demanding they be released since they were on land that China illegally claimed, but he refuses to comply.

erich bergen relationship memes

Ray has been highly critical of her and the government on social media and lists himself as an IT specialist. Conrad is slightly uneasy—the last time he was in Vietnam, he was in his second tour of duty.

Conrad and the Vietnamese president Ping Wu bond over the horrors of war, but the person Elizabeth is talking to is a bit more hesitant.

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Elizabeth tells him about the human rights benchmarks they have to meet as well as revealing that this and its timing with the activists in China is no coincidence. That night, Conrad confides in Elizabeth telling her about some particularly harrowing things he saw and did as a soldier. He realizes he is lucky to have ended up living in the White House instead of the street like so many of his companions. Elizabeth laughs at him for calling their relationship friendly; he throws it right back, reminding her US troops murdered many Vietnamese citizens not many years ago.

Elizabeth switches gears, telling him the activists are innocent and their families are terrified. Ming tells her the trial date has actually been moved up since espionage is such a serious crime—he warned her not to meddle, and now there will be consequences.

Henry is searching Ray Merchant on the internet when the lights start flickering on and off. The television, fridge and oven soon follow.

erich bergen relationship memes

A loud alarm starts going off and FBI agents bust through the door. An FBI agent explains to Henry that their appliances are now offline so nobody will be able to hack them again. Henry is frustrated and starting to lose faith in the people who are supposed to be protecting them.

Stalkers feed on engagement and the last thing they need is for this to become news. Nadine informs Elizabeth that China has started flying their fighter planes dangerously close to their ships and has demanded their pandas back from the US National Zoo.

Tom Murphy Geoffrey Cantoran oceanographer who works with the activists, snaps at Elizabeth and Jay about how their servers got fried and hundreds of files deleted. He thinks the timing is too convenient for this to be an accident, blaming the government since he thinks the US and China are business partners.

She promises she will do her best to retrieve them and Elizabeth wonders what the Chinese are trying to keep secret. The pandas attract millions of people to the zoo every year and children will blame them once they can no longer watch them via the panda cam.

They successfully make it on the boat and get Aya into surgery.

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She begins to cry, and Elizabeth comforts her. Luckily, the surgeon tells everyone the good news—Aya responded beautifully to the treatment and is going to be okay.

To make it even better, Jay says that the ceasefire held and both sides want her to come back.

erich bergen relationship memes

They agreed on military integration and resource sharing and want to sign the peace deal. Meanwhile, Dmitri is still anxious about his undercover identity, taking pills to cope with the stress.

Madam Secretary – Off the Record

He introduces him to the team of Dylan Sam Breslin Wright and Molly Christine Garver before briefing them on their mission—to stop Russia from bolstering the Taliban and undermining the democratic government in Afghanistan. Their plan is to research all the Russians trying to bribe Afghani officials and see which one of them is most likely to turn. Dylan and Molly and Dmitri disagree on the best candidate. Dylan and Molly take Dmitri out for drinks, and he gets sad when they start talking about their children and families.

They make a joke about turning one of the Russians and the brutality of the GRU, and Dmitri gets upset, sharing firsthand accounts of what Russian prison is like in graphic detail. He shoots back that they always do what she wants, and Stevie tells Jareth he never tells her how he feels. Their fight is interrupted by Stevie getting a work call. That night, Stevie and Dmitri run into each other at a convenience store.

Stevie awkwardly tells Dmitri about some of her relationship troubles while Dmitri tells her about how he just alienated his new coworkers. The next day at work, Henry calls Dmitri into his office and yells at him for his behavior at the bar. He reminds Dmitri again just how much of his own credibility he put on the line to get Dmitri this job. Henry demands he start seeing a doctor again, forcing Dmitri to open up about his opioid addiction. Stevie comes home to see Henry and Elizabeth painting.

She congratulates Elizabeth on the Libyan peace deal and tells them about painting with Jareth. She also mentions to Henry that she ran into Dmitri and he seemed like a nice guy.

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Stevie sees Henry and Elizabeth begin to have a playful paint fight and longs for that kind of fun in her own relationship.