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OS: Microsoft Windows NT - 64bit CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) . [ ] - H encoder: no [] hb_scan: path=D:\DVD Rips\MKV end Metadata: title: Chapter 10 Chapter # start be great, i love h quality/size relationship and speed on QSV processors. In fact, some retail sales consultants (typically, barely helpful) say there is no such Sorry but there are far too many choices here for software titles. I like HandBrake Apple Macintosh computers made in the last 10+ years have a firewire port. Many traditional Windows machines have no or firewire port - some. Handbrake seems to be ripping 11 parts of the DVD but OK now it's playing OK , but when I try to Grab the menu window, and it comes up empty. The chapter info is stored in the other non-VOB files. . If the chapter stops are actually pointing at different titles, each title will have it's own set of VOBs.

Three people — two women and a man — were in a stable condition in Ruttonjee Hospital. Chief Inspector Sun Lun-yum of the Hong Kong Island traffic unit said police were investigating whether the handbrake had been properly applied or whether there was a mechanical fault.

The driver could face arrest for the incident, but Sun said the man was in no condition to give a statement. The year-old, who was hit and dragged for about 20 metres, was in intensive care with serious head, neck and back injuries.

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A police source said the driver had one conviction for careless driving on his record from Video footage of the accident, which took place at around 2pm, showed the yellow seater bus parked along Cheung Hong Street and the driver getting out of the vehicle.

Just as he slammed the door shut, the bus began moving. He realised what was happening and tried to stop the bus, but was knocked down and dragged as it took off. Noting such a tragedy was uncommon for the area, Chan said: Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor sent her condolences to the families of those who died and wished the injured a speedy recovery. QuickTime is now over 20 years old, an eternity in software terms.

We are currently working on a major overhaul of InqScribe.

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For Windows, InqScribe could probably get by continuing to rely on Windows Media Player, but we want to look closely at moving to either DirectShow or its modern successor, Media Foundation. Beyond the native media engines for OS X and Windows, we are also looking at whether InqScribe can support alternative media engines that would enable playback of additional media formats or provide additional functionality that the native engines lack. InqScribe will continue to export a wide range of subtitling formats, and we will make sure that it will continue to be easy to generate subtitled content that can be viewed with standard apps on OS X and Windows.

You can read more about future system requirements here. We hope this helps to clarify our direction moving forward. If you have any questions InqScribe, feel free to contact us at support inqscribe. For example, it may be in an unsupported container or contain unsupported codecs. Converting the file will rewrite its data into a new, hopefully more legible format for InqScribe.

Remember, converting or transcoding involves decoding the original file, and then encoding the file into a new format.

Handbrake fails when using QSV (Error Code -17)

Converting with Audacity http: Although many use it to record and edit audio, you can also use it to convert or transcode files. The first step will be downloading and installing Audacity available here: Audacity is a free, open source software available for Mac and PC. It is unaffiliated with InqScribe. Audacity will begin loading the file. Then, select the format for the new file. To maximize compatibility, we generally recommend the MP3 format.

Here, you can enter artist name, track title, album title, etc. This is primarily useful for music files. Feel free to leave these columns blank— they are not necessary. Hard Coding Your Subtitles: To be clear, you cannot use InqScribe to burn-in subtitles. You can, however, export your InqScribe transcript to a Subrip.

Download VidCoder from their CodePlex website: Install VidCoder by opening the executable file.

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Submerge Mac-only Submerge is a tool designed specifically for hard coding subtitles on Mac. Fortunately, Submerge offers a free timed demo for new users to try out. Note that we are in no way affiliated with Submerge or its creator, but are simply offering it as a possible subtitle burn-in solution to InqScribe users. You can find more information about Submerge, including directions on how to get started at their website: Do you use a different tool to hard code subtitles?

Likewise, if you have any questions about creating subtitles with InqScribe, just shoot us an email at support inqscribe. What is a Codec Anyway? What makes a video incompatible?

Will it work in InqScribe? Raw video tends to take up large amounts of storage, and codecs allow us to shrink down the file size, usually without losing too much quality. Codecs achieve this by taking the raw video data and encoding it into a shorthand. Once encoded, codecs also play a role in decoding this shorthand.

Although some are more popular than others, there are dozens of different codecs out there. What should you do if you come across an incompatible codec? More on that in a bit… Container Look familiar? As its name suggests, a container file packages compressed video data.

Containers identify and sort out codecs, which are the ones doing the actual compressing. So, to drive this home: Transcode To transcode is to convert from one encoding to another. The extent of this may or may not be noticeable.

Since not all media player can process muxed files, you might not always want a file to be muxed.