India africa investment relationship

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india africa investment relationship

India and South Africa mark 25 years of bilateral trade and years of India and South Africa re-establishing their economic and diplomatic relations. in South Africa have been mitigated through investments by Indian firms. SOUTH-SOUTH COOPERATION The weak economic conditions in the western world could impact the flow of FDI, ODA and trade with African economies. Trade and investment between India and Africa is hampered by and investment an integral part of diplomatic policies that guide relations.

Admittedly, India exports more to African and imports less. African countries import many finished products from India and export a handful of their raw products to India. This is due to the fact that India is more developed and industrialised than most African countries. India produces and exports more finished products to African countries and imports few unfinished materials.

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Apart from oil, India also sought for edible fruits and nuts especially cashew nuts from West African countries. India also imports raw cotton, gold, precious stones from African countries.

india africa investment relationship

From South Africa, India imports gold and coal, iron, steel, inorganic chemicals and mineral ores. North Africa supplies India with inorganic chemicals, fertilizers as well as mineral fuel.

From the East and Central Africa, India imports iron and steel, vegetables, edible nuts, coffee, inorganic chemicals, coffee and crude oil Insecurity, corruption, economic and political instabilities are the major setbacks bedevilling both partners.

Some of the export products, items and commodities between the partners are not eco-friendly. There are proven cases of substandard, adulterated and unwholesome products that have found their ways into the markets of both partners.

india africa investment relationship

As partners in progress, Indo-Africa partners should jointly work to overcome their common limitations and consolidate on their mutual achievements.

Closer but mutual bilateral ties should be harnessed for the benefit of both stakeholders. The relationship will be more meaningful and gainful if India assists African countries overcome its enormous challenges.

India and South Africa Bilateral Ties: New Opportunities in Trade and Investment

The only surviving source, Periplus Maris Erythraei Periplus of the Erythraean Sea ,—which dates to mid-first century—refers to trade relations between the Kingdom of Aksum and Ancient India around the first millennium. Helped by the monsoon winds, merchants traded cottonglass beads and other goods in exchange for gold and soft-carved ivory. The Periplus Maris Erythraei describes Greco-Roman merchants selling in Barbaricum "thin clothing, figured linens, topazcoralstoraxfrankincensevessels of glass, and silver and gold plate" in exchange for " costusbdelliumlyciumnardturquoiselapis lazuliSeric skins, cotton cloth, silk yarn, and indigo ".

Under the rule of the British Empire[ edit ] During the British colonial rule in the Indian Subcontinent and large parts of Africa, the Indian city of Mumbai was already a center of ivory trade between East Africa and Britain. Political[ edit ] The development of modern-day relations has gone through two main periods.

Africa–India relations

During the period of colonialism and liberation warspolitical relations became stronger. During the years of decolonisation, India exerted considerable political and ideological influence in Africa as a role model and a leader of the Non-Aligned Movement. Its commitment to decolonisation through nonviolent means made it relatively reluctant to provide military assistance to national liberation movements. There are numerous of Indians and Africans of Indian descent living in Africa, mainly in the eastern and southern coast in places such as MauritiusKenya and South Africa.

india africa investment relationship

There are at least 40, Africans in India. Business[ edit ] Indian firms are conducting numerous takeovers abroad and are venturing into Africa. Ex-Prime Minister of India, Dr.