Jeanette aw relationship

How celebrities like Jeanette Aw and Joanne Peh spend their weekend

jeanette aw relationship

If Jeanette Aw were a colour, she'd flit between bright cobalt blue and . Things were very quiet for me after The Rainbow Connection in Jeanette Aw is definitely not just a pretty face. Yingying, a talented dancer who had to overcome her stage fright in The Rainbow Connection. SINGAPORE — It was a case of art imitating life for Jeanette Aw while Pictures' Molby Low, Aw plays a blogger and relationship guru who.

Each term is three months, and the full course is nine months. The last course would be Superior Patisserie. Being back in school means regular hours, and I have weekends again!

When I was filming, I had no weekends and the hours were irregular. Now, school starts from 8. So you have an apartment in Bangkok? I walk to school from my apartment as traffic here is so crazy. We have plans to rent a car and drive out to visit different parts of Thailand. Do you miss home? What do you plan to do with your Patisserie diploma? I just never had the time till now. My cinnamon sugar crumble cake is a favourite with friends, and a lot of people seem to like my fudgy brownies as well!

What does that mean?

jeanette aw relationship

I needed to score a certain percentage as well. The ambassadorship was only confirmed after my results came out. When my assistant approached them, they sped off.

Jeanette Aw confirms Caucasian boyfriend

They were tailing me in China for two weeks. I freaked out when we discovered that they were staying in the hotel room next to mine. I have no idea how they found out where I was staying! Will this deter you from travelling alone in future? I love travelling alone. The last place I went to was India for a meditation retreat.

Yeah, I post a lot of moody stuff, right laughs? A recent incident that got me feeling blue is the death of my dog. Long pause His name is Prince. He is a Maltese. When I was away the past eight months, he came down with a viral infection, suffered seizures and passed away.

jeanette aw relationship

I had another dog in uni which was given to me by my then-boyfriend. When we broke up, he took the dog back. I was actually more upset about losing the dog than I was about the break-up laughs.

Marriage 'will happen sooner or later' for Jeanette Aw and longtime boyfriend

Was there a time in your career when you were hit by the blues? Things were very quiet for me after The Rainbow Connection in You get a lot of insecurities in this line. But I kept myself occupied by travelling.

jeanette aw relationship

Thankfully, things picked up after that. The worst point was when my godmother passed away six years ago. It affected me at work so much that I actually considered quitting.

Jeanette Aw falling down at Star Awards 2015

It was heart-breaking to lose her day by day like this. Before she passed away, she sent me two SMSes, but due to faulty networks, I only received them after she died. The first SMS she sent, she wrote: I finally remember your number.

Not being able to reply her in time is my one biggest regret. Do you channel any of this into the characters you play? It should air next year, but only after its run in China. I play a girl with broken lines on her palm, which some believe signify a life of hardship. But the one character that really drained me emotionally was the schizophrenic Yang Nianqing in Breakout.

I was still crying when I got home!

Why is Jeanette Aw Feeling Blue?

I get over it real fast, though. Plus, having a short memory helps. I play a fox spirit who's exiled to Earth. Everyone is so used to seeing me in tragic roles; this will be a good change. As someone who thinks a lot, do you make for a difficult girlfriend?

I was fresh out of school and a different person then when I was with him. We fought a lot and I cried every day.

jeanette aw relationship

Do you think he was the one who spread those terrible rumours about you being a divorcee? We put her to the test. I watched one of the earlier X-Men movies, though, and I liked it. I was never good in science at school.