Life redefining relationship

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life redefining relationship

If you are in a relationship that seems to be headed towards commitment is that the couple may start to realize that each other's paths in life may be different. Oct 14, I've long considered myself a collector of failed relationships. thought her love was “saving me from a life of debauchery,” I actually gained a. Jan 10, How our relationships teach us about ourselves Many of us are looking to change something in our lives: Have less stress and anxiety, feel.

The new relating My first marriage ended because my own dramatic awakening through a car crash which my partner struggled to relate to. My personality changed overnight - I couldn't be so constrained anymore.

There was a rightness to our parting - our paths were strongly diverging it often happens when one awakens and the other doesn't. So I don't see relationships in the 'till death us do part' manner.

Redefining Relationships

I believe we have 'sacred agreements' at a soul level to work out with one another. Once the lessons have been learned, either the relationship will evolve and grow together, or the path of the souls will part and each go separate ways to pastures new. When I came into relationship the second time, I can openly say it was with some trepidation. I had discovered blissful freedom. I didn't want to be constrained again. I simply knew all souls were meant to be free.

Redefining Your Close Relationships as You Grow Older

I remember taking myself off into nature one day, having had a challenging time, pondering my new relationship, when the following realisation popped into my heart The sand has no fixed relationship with the sea, rather it relates to the ebb and flow of the waves as and when they choose to kiss the shoreline. It was like a bolt from the blue. Instantly I could comprehend how to be in this relationship: It means you can truly connect with the other, at a deep soul level.

It means you can love them unconditionally.

life redefining relationship

It means you can love them more! Furthermore, such openness in our relating, is a powerful catalyst for your own evolution. No longer can you rely upon the tired excuses of yesterday, you have to be alive to the moment, vibrant, attentive, empathic and above all, open to change.

Seven key qualities spring to mind Desperately holding things together by belts and braces is just not going to hold. We have to be core splittingly honest with each other. If you truly love someone, do they not deserve to hear the truth from you? But that doesn't mean we can't do so gently and with compassion - especially if 'today's news' is challenging. It is in the crucible of such inner fire, we can truly burn away the dross, such that compassion naturally unfolds its wings.

We must become open to the fluid truth of the moment. Being in evolving, close relationships is sometimes just like being caught between the polarity of two magnets. If you hold a rigid position and you're not in profound truth, it can tear you apart. So we must be open to the tidal flows of feeling and emotion, always looking for the mast of centred openness. We must learn to adapt to ever changing moods, intuit the relating experience that is currently being called for and unconditionally give ourselves to that expression.

Your soul will call you to say and do things the effects of which, the ego will greatly fear - "what impact is that going to have?

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We must have the courage and conviction to confront the ego, always coming from our highest truth, even if that would possibly lead to your separation. You're in relationship - a relating situation - but it's only truly going to work if you are being whole and complete within the engagement. Yes we're giving of ourselves, but we must first be ourselves in order to give!

It's about finding love in the mirror, but not losing ourselves within it. We must walk the blade edge of self completeness but fully expressed.

life redefining relationship

Empathy, acceptance and understanding: And here's the other side of the self completeness coin. We're not going to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships if we're not fully present and giving within them! An evolved relating experience invites us to unveil ever deeper levels of feeling empathy. The more we can feel the other, the more we feel ourselves and the more a mutually fulfilling energetic feedback loop is created. Both parties are lifted into a state that is so much more than the separate parts.

Empathy, acceptance and understanding is the golden chalice from which both can drink. Spaces in the togetherness So redefining our relationships into "evolved relating" offers enormous potential for evolutionary growth. The expansion causes continual confrontation of society's dogma. It's like being in a crucible, where diamonds are forged.

life redefining relationship

Now, I greatly value and cherish the relating experiences in my life. And I find that by committing to my truth and allowing the other to honour their's, means that I feel more committed within these engagements rather than less. Paradoxically, the new openness generates greater respect, unconditionality and commitment to one another. Just as a wheel is defined by the space between the spokes, it's the space within relationships that forges the togetherness: Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

Yet as preoccupied as we are with how to do relationships better, we seem to be doing rather poorly on the whole.

Family of origin Though many factors play a part in the breakdown of relationships, the single most potent reason is that we are far more influenced by our past relationship experiences than we are the knowledge we accumulate about relationships.

In other words, we learned most of what we know about relationships from the family we grew up in. We unconsciously draw upon those developmental years in our present-day relationships.

You family was the training ground where you learned to talk, listen, fight, resolve, withdraw, empathize, care, apologize, etc. If those primary teachers conveyed lessons words, behavior, values that were healthy, nurturing and consistent, you probably have a reservoir of emotional resources inside you to draw from that sustain you fairly well and most of your present-day relationships are probably satisfying. If this is the case, you are left to guess you way through the pathway to good relationships.

Rebuilding Your Life/Identity After Experiencing Toxic/Harmful Relationships

Sometimes you guess correctly, but most of the time you guess wrong. Assessing your relationships The good news is that you can do something about the quality of your relationships if you are stuck in a pattern that is not satisfying. Here are some questions for reflection to help you assess your understanding of relationship and get you started on a new path in the areas that need help: When you look at the family relationships parents, spouse schildren, siblings in your life, how satisfied are you with how they have played out thus far?