Like grains of sand ending relationship

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like grains of sand ending relationship

Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand () is a science fiction novel by Samuel R. Delany. . While Stars in My Pocket like Grains of Sand provides an alternative and unconventional relationship between humanity and the Frank Romeo (to whom the novel is dedicated); this relationship ended soon after the novel was. “Relationships - of all kinds - are like sand held in your hand. Held loosely, with an open hand, the sand remains where it minute you close your hand and . Get an answer for 'responce on this quote: "Every relationship is like an I would say that the individual grains of sand in the hourglass represent moments. events test such relationship to the point of ending them, or making them stronger.

The story opens on the planet Rhyonon.

like grains of sand ending relationship

Korga, a tall, misfit youth, undergoes the Radical Anxiety Termination, or RAT, procedure, a form of psychosurgery which makes him a passive slave, after which he is known as Rat Korga.

After he has lived under a number of masters, Rat Korga's world is destroyed by a conflagration. This is later explained to be the result of Cultural Fugue, though the explanation is open to dispute, especially since Xlv spacecraft were present in the Rhyonon system when the disaster occurred.

like grains of sand ending relationship

Because he was deep inside a mine shaft at the time of the disaster, Rat Korga survives though badly injuredthe only known being ever to survive Cultural Fugue.

Rat Korga serves as a reminder of the possibility of Cultural Fugue and the destruction of a planet, which is part of what makes him so appealing to the inhabitants of Velm.

The action then moves to Velm, a Sygn-aligned world that humanity shares with its native three-sexed intelligent species, the evelm, and where sexual relationships take many forms — monogamous, promiscuous, anonymous, and interspecies. Resident Marq Dyeth, an "industrial diplomat" who helps manage the transfer of technology between different societies, is informed that Rat Korga is his perfect sexual match by an associate in the powerful and mysterious Web, an organization that manages information flows between worlds.

Equipping him with a prosthesis the rings of Vondramach Okk, a tyrant who once ruled ten planets and employed of one of Marq's ancestors that restores the initiative he lost due to the RAT procedure, the Web sends Rat Korga to Velm under the pretext that he is a student, and he and Marq begin a romantic and sexual affair.

They go on an unusual hunting expedition and return to a dinner party which becomes chaotic due to the disruptive presence of visitors from a Family world and intense planetwide interest in Korga. Soon after, Rat Korga is forced to leave Velm and be permanently separated from Marq their pairing having been an alien cultural experiment because their interaction was creating a threat of Cultural Fugue.

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Fractured subjectivity[ edit ] Thomas Foster argues that Stars in My Pocket treats "fractured subjectivity" as a natural condition by representing "nonnormative racial, sexual, and familiar formations and practices" as normal within Marq's world. Cleansing[ edit ] In his essay Clean, Robert F. Reid-Pharr argues that what Delany achieves in Stars "is a themataziation of the complex ways the spectacle of gay male identity is established through a set of essentially ritualistic practices wherein the gay man is figured clean or more precisely cleansing.

Delany explores issues related to miscegenation through his employment of the Thant family in the novel. In fact, one cannot be enslaved in the novel, without explicit consent. This is exemplified in beginning of the novel, when Rat Korga is asked to verbally consent by another character who is handling the enslavement process. As a result, Stars in My Pocket like Grains of Sand critiques and disrupts contemporary understandings of the world. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

This is also potentially liberating for a feminist movement. Women are not differentiated in the language, are not set apart as outside the linguistic norm having been commonly accepted as male.

like grains of sand ending relationship

There is, in fact, a near reversal of this in the common assumption that all beings are women, daughters, sisters, mothers, regardless of their sex. There are potential problems with this, in that it does resemble a reversal of the current situation even as it reconfigures the system, but in practice, on Velm anyway, this functions less as a reversal of power relations and an empowering of women at the expense of men and functions more as an undoing of the concept of gender.

like grains of sand ending relationship

It is not that women gain power, but that all people are the same, only distinguished by the workings of desire, whatever paths that desire may follow. The second element of this novel that is particular interesting is in Delany's concern with cultural transmission.

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The book is just filled to the brim with details some relevant, some irrevelant, and and some whose relevance is impossible to judge about the cultures that Marq Dyeth, an interplanetary ambassador, comes into contact with. Because he travels to different worlds so often and must know so much about their different cultures and the ways in which they communicate with each other, this information is constantly intruding into his narrative.

like grains of sand ending relationship

A character nods and we find ourselves inundated with information about what this means here, there, and everywhere. This makes the book difficult to read; it also illustrates the difficulties and dangers inherent in communication, especially when dealing with different cultures and different species. In the modern world, misunderstandings of other cultures and between cultures abound. One way of reading Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand is to see in it a warning about the necessity of greater sensitivity to cultural differences.

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As a part of the African American literary tradition, one could also read this element of Stars as a warning about the cultural differences between white Americans and black Americans, between black Americans and black Africans. This book's publication, following as it does, the black power movement and the flowering of interest in Africa among African Americans, serves as an oblique commentary on African Americans' attempts to fit into these various groups whether white American or African.

The cross-cultural connections within Stars serve as a hopeful vision of intercultural closeness Marq's family, or stream, is composed of both humans and evelms and as a warning of how easily those intercultural connections can be wounded. Having said all that, I want to point out once again that, as a traditional sort of novel, this book is not the work of genius I was led to expect.

But perhaps it is not fair to expect it to be a great traditional novel.