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relationship with immediate supervisor

According to a recent Spherion “Emerging Workforce” study, most workers rate their relationship with their supervisor as good, great or. Have a really good relationship with him, I can voice my concerns and Immediate supervisors, being the CSMs, they are all really nice and I. Relationships with Immediate Supervisors. –% of web survey respondents agreed with the statement “I have a good relationship with my supervisor.”.

Supervisor-Subordinate Relationships: Never A Good Idea

Their relationship only lasted three weeks, but those three weeks have already proven very costly for Wingard. First, he was forced from his post as deputy Republican Leader of the House when the allegations broke. Later, he was stripped of his co-chairmanship of the House Education Committee.

Finally, as the breadth of the scandal grew and his support dwindled, Wingard announced that he was dropping his reelection bid and would be leaving the House at the end of his term.

Some speculate that if further damaging allegations arise, Wingard may be forced to leave the legislature even sooner. What was once a promising political career has been destroyed because of a short-term but very ill-advised liaison.

Maintaining a Good Working Relationship with Your Supervisors

I would hazard a guess that most managers reading this article for guidance are not elected representatives who stand to lose their political careers, and I would also assume that most employers reading this to determine how to manage their workforces will never endure a scandal that reaches the front pages of the news.

Still, a workplace romance gone sour — especially between supervisor and subordinate — can be a legal and practical nightmare for all involved, and there are certainly lessons to be learned from the Wingard affair. I will try to spell out the most likely scenarios here for the doubters. In the case of a supervisor-subordinate relationship, it can cause legal headaches even if it blissfully continues.


That's because peers of the subordinate, or even non-affected employees, can still take legal action against the company as a result of the relationship. A coworker who perceives favoritism between the romantic pair can claim to a court, "Well, it was obvious to me that the only way to succeed at the company was to sleep with your boss, and I'm not going to do that, so I'm suing.

Further, imagine the other applicants for the subordinate's position — they might later learn of the relationship and sue the company claiming that the manager only hired the subordinate because of an intended romantic relationship.

And this isn't even mentioning the morale issues that could result from this type of relationship, and even the perception that might start inside and outside the company that the subordinate isn't necessarily qualified for the position but only retains the role because of the romantic link.

That could unnecessarily and unfairly put a damper on someone's career.

relationship with immediate supervisor

And, on the other hand, the stark reality is that most romantic relationships end. You should quite early in your research degree have agreed with your supervisors a detailed work plan for your probation period with perhaps a more outline plan for the remainder of your degree. These plans should comprise a number of specific objectives each one of which should have a date for completion framed with reference to key goals such as completion of the probation review and submission of your thesis for examination.

You should be also be conscious of deadlines for submitting draft written or other work to your supervisors for comment. Your supervisors are busy people - they have their own teaching, research, and administrative duties and may well be involved in the supervision of other research students not to mention other activities associated with their work. Worse though, it will mean your supervisor has limited time to give you feedback on this work.

relationship with immediate supervisor

Receiving and making use of feedback on your draft written work is vital if your thesis is to be completed on time and be of an appropriate standard. You should therefore make every effort to meet deadlines agreed with your supervisor for submitting draft work for feedback and make sure to allow sufficient time for them to read and comment on this.

relationship with immediate supervisor

It is particularly important that your supervisors have the opportunity to read and comment on your thesis before it is submitted for examination and they may need up to three months for this so you must allow plenty of time. It is crucial to your success that you make use of your supervisors' advice and feedback. It can be easy to hear the positive comments that your supervisors make and then to find excuses to disregard any negative comments.

relationship with immediate supervisor

This is very dangerous and is something all research students should guard against. It is important to remember that: To be able to support you and help you successfully complete your research degree, at each stage your supervisors need you to provide them with accurate reports as to what you have been doing, how well it has gone, and what you intend to do next.

Your supervisors are the people best placed to help you minimise the impact any problems might have on your progress or your work. In particular, your supervisors can provide advice on:

  • Supervisor-Subordinate Relationships: Never A Good Idea