Ryback and curtis axel meet again guilty

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ryback and curtis axel meet again guilty

They were guilty of being unsportsmanlike, like the Seahawks. Triple H doesn't have a Sting came back and affected the course of the WWE. . Curtis Axel's music hits, and he storms his way out to the stage. . Ryback goes for a meat hook clothesline, but Harper superkicks him for a near fall. Harper. Erkunde WrestlingIsMyLifes Pinnwand „Curtis Axel“ auf Pinterest. Posts about Curtis Axel written by Mitch Nickelson. because a teenage version of me is feeling him with the Boy Meets World reference. . As one-half of one my guilty pleasures of pro-wrestling (Rybaxel, baby!), Curtis Axel will always get a . Ryback is apparently close to being medically cleared and should be back on.

Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Orton arm drags him away. Orton then connects with a hanging DDT. Big Show looks upset at this turn of events.

Orton gets the crowd fired up with boos as he drops down in position for an RKO. Miz counters the RKO into a backslide pin for a near fall. Miz quickly dropkicks Orton in the knee. Orton pulls himself up in the corner and tries to boot The Miz as he charges, but Miz blocks it and hits a leg breaker. Miz then pulls him to the center of the ring before applying a Figure Four Leglock.

Big Show gets to his feet and is cheering Miz on. Orton screams in pain before grabbing the bottom rope, which necessitates an immediate breaking of the hold. The Shield has turned their attention toward the ring. Orton is on the apron, and he snaps Miz off the top rope. Orton then gets in the ring and connects with an RKO for the win.

Randy Orton Match Rating: Orton then signals for The Shield to get into the ring. Big Show looks disgusted as they begin to kick away at Miz. Bryan hits Orton in the midsection with it before swinging wildly at The Shield. He connects with a few shots on them before getting out of the ring. Big Show checks on The Miz at ringside.

Dolph Ziggler will take on The Shield in a three-on-one handicap match later tonight. Vickie Guerrero is in her office looking none too pleased. She turns around, and Daniel Bryan is there smiling. Bryan says she wanted to see him. Vickie says Bryan was a bully out there. He bullied Orton and The Shield. In her world, he who bullies gets bullied back.

Punk defeated Axel, and that allowed him to get his hands on Paul Heyman. Before Punk could do anything, Axel attacked him. They handcuffed Punk before Heyman viciously beat him with a kendo stick while screaming about how much he loved him.

Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to the stage, and he introduces Rob Van Dam to the ring. RVD will be in action, next. Damien Sandow Before the match begins, Sandow demands silence. Tonight, what happens in Las Vegas will not stay in Las Vegas. The crowd may be content with staying and squandering away their degenerate lives, but everything he does will spread worldwide as he amasses victory after victory until the World Title is his.

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He is the uncrowned World Champion. The date of his coronation will soon be at hand when he cashes in his Money in the Bank contract. Sandow then handcuffs the briefcase to the ring post.

The bell rings as Sandow enters the ring. Sandow approaches RVD, and he kicks Sandow down for a one count. RVD kicks and punches him before whipping him to the corner. RVD connects with a double wheel kick in the corner before dropping a leg from the top rope for a two count.

ryback and curtis axel meet again guilty

RVD kicks and punches him before having a whip reversed. Sandow quickly knees him in the midsection before sending him into the ring post shoulder first. Sandow schoolboys him for a two count. Sandow knees away at him before hitting a side leg sweep. Sandow then connects with the Cubito Aequet for a near fall. Big Show is seen watching from ringside. RVD fights to his feet before elbowing out.

RVD hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and hits a hurricanrana. RVD hits the ropes again, but Sandow catches him with a big boot. RVD blocks a corner bump before kicking him away. RVD sets him up on the top rope before going to the top rope himself. RVD then connects with a flying superkick.

Rob Van Dam Match Rating: Del Rio says RVD is the number one contender for his championship, but he only got the opportunity because of the person standing next to him. Ricardo Rodriguez betrayed his own people, the Latinos.

Del Rio tells RVD to remember that when you sleep with dogs, you get fleas. Del Rio says the RVD chant is stupid. Dolph Ziggler will take on The Shield in a three-on-one handicap match, next. Dolph Ziggler Ziggler will start against Seth Rollins. Ziggler ducks a clothesline, and he quickly punches both Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on the apron.

Ziggler punches away at Rollins before hitting a running cross-body and punching away at him. Ziggler punches Ambrose as he tries to interfere, and Rollins takes him down with a clothesline. Rollins laughs at Big Show before kicking Ziggler down in the corner. Reigns is tagged in, and he punches Ziggler down. Ziggler tries to fight back, but Reigns strikes him down. Reigns throws him into the corner and runs into a back elbow.

Ziggler charges him, but Reigns takes him down with a Samoan Drop. Big Show shakes his head at ringside. Ambrose is tagged in, and he punches Ziggler down. Ambrose crossfaces him before clubbing him down. Ambrose stomps the hand before taking him down with a straight right hand. Ambrose then sends him into the corner hard. Ziggler collapses to the mat. Ambrose picks him up and punches him down.

Ziggler slaps him in the face and back body drops him out of the ring. Ziggler takes some time to catch his breath as Ambrose gets up at ringside. Rollins is tagged in, and Ziggler catches him with an inside cradle for a near fall. Ziggler punches away at him before sending him to the ropes.

Rollins kicks him in the face, but Ziggler comes back with a leg drop bulldog attempt. Reigns blind tagged in during that as Rollins powerbombs Ziggler in the corner. Reigns then hits a vicious spear on Ziggler for the win.

The Shield Match Rating: They then wait for Ziggler to claw his way back up. They choke him on the ropes in front of Big Show and stare at him.

They goad him to get in the ring, but he just stares right back at them. They then drop Ziggler with the Triple Powerbomb. The Shield then leaves the ring. Paul Heyman will respond to his Night of Champions match, next. Paul Heyman takes the microphone, and he wonders what the crowd wants from him. Do they really expect him to feel guilty about the beating he gave on Monday to his prodigal son CM Punk?

He is not here to atone. What in the world did they expect him to do? Did they think for one second that he would take his beating like a man? Heyman tells them to think about something. Every single one of their opponents and enemies were put down like a rabid dog. If every single one of those challengers were put down, why is his still standing and breathing when CM Punk is coming after him?

At Night of Champions, here we go again. A handicap elimination match. Heyman will tell Axel the truth — he is afraid. The crowd cheers that. The Wyatt Family will be out, next. Harper will start off the match against Tensai. Harper powers him to the corner and punches away at him. Tensai reverses a whip to the corner and hits a clothesline. He then knocks Rowan off the apron. Brodus Clay quickly runs in and takes Rowan out again. Tensai hits an avalanche in the corner.

Brodus and Tensai then sandwiched Harper. They went for a double body splash, but Rowan pulled Brodus out of the ring. Harper takes Tensai down with a big boot before avalanching him in the corner. Rowan is tagged in. Harper clotheslines Tensai down before Rowan connects with a big splash for the win.

The Wyatt Family Match Rating: Ryback makes his way to the ring. Daniel Bryan The bell sounds, and Bryan quickly charges Ryback with a knee to the chin. Ryback stumbles to the corner as Bryan punches away at him.

Ryback pushes him away, but Bryan comes right back with some punches and kicks. Ryback pushes him away one more time before hitting a powerslam. Ryback throws him to the corner face first before shouldering him. Ryback sends him to the opposite corner sternum first before charging into him with a shoulder to the midsection. Ryback picks up a two count.

Raw: Sept. 10, 2012

Ryback kicks away at Bryan before pushing his boot into his face. Ryback clubs the back before hitting a right hand. Ryback puts him in the corner and charges, but Bryan sidesteps him. Ryback hits the ring post shoulder first. Big Show, who is still at ringside, claps on for him. Bryan gets charged him as he connects with a pair of corner dropkicks.

Ryback falls to the ground, and Bryan hits him with one more dropkick to the face. Triple H says that was easier than he thought. It was so easy to manipulate them.

Stephanie says as soon as they put it out there that Reigns might not compete at WrestleMania, here comes The Beard. She knew Bryan would come out. Triple H said Seth Rollins then came out. Tonight, Big Show took care of Roman. Seth will take care of Bryan tonight and beat Reigns at Fast Lane. Triple H says the reality is Austin can ask anything he wants. They kiss as we go to commercial. Axel tells them not to turn the channel because he has something he wants to say. Axel says he never got eliminated from the Royal Rumble match.

He got sucker punched from behind. Axel says he wants justice. Axel repeats himself as JBL tells people to change the channel.

Axel gets on the second rope and points at the WrestleMania sign. The commentators laugh at him. Ambrose punches away at Axel before throwing him over the top rope. He trudged his way through the ice and snow to WWE Headquarters and took a look around. He found a wall with a bunch of nice pictures on it.

There were past World Champions and Intercontinental Champions. Ambrose says his face would look great on that wall. Ambrose is coming after that championship and will get his face on that wall at WWE Headquarters. Axel punches him into the ropes, but Ambrose rebounds with a clothesline.

Ambrose connects with Dirty Deeds, and his music hits. Ambrose poses for the crowd. The winner of that match will face Brock Lesnar for the title at WrestleMania. The Ascension Stardust will start the match against Viktor.

Viktor knees him in the midsection and hits the ropes, but Stardust follows him and hits a running forearm. Viktor sends him into the ropes, but Stardust slides through his legs. Stardust flips through a back suplex, but Viktor quickly clotheslines him down. Goldust runs in and punches Viktor down before dragging Stardust to his corner. Goldust tags himself in and hits a pair of clotheslines. Goldust has a whip reversed, but he uppercuts him.

Konnor blind tags in, and Goldust kicks and punches him. Goldust hits an inverted atomic drop, but he misses a running boot to the head. Konnor powers him to the corner and kicks him down.

Viktor tags in, but Goldust fights them both off. Goldust hits a running boot on Konnor. Viktor runs in, and Konnor chop blocks Goldust. They hit the Fall of Man, and Viktor picks up the pin.

The Ascension Match Rating: Stardust says his head is on straight before angrily leaving the ring. Goldust walks up to him and wants to know what happened. Stardust hisses at him before walking off. This is what he likes about this. Triple H will probably dance around the answers. The crowd is mixed to that.

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Some will side with Triple H and some will side with him. The people will tell him he sucks straight to his face. The Authority cracked up a scheme to make him give up.

ryback and curtis axel meet again guilty

They put him in lopsided matches to break his will. They wanted to tarnish everything he ever worked for. If you look at his face, you might see the plan is working. Cena says no matter what the odds are, giving up is something he will never do. All the crap The Authority puts him through only makes him stronger. Along the way, we get to enjoy history-making moments like this.

Cena says these three men are proof that The Authority can be beat. Rusev is a pound undefeated weapon of mass destruction. Stephanie says neither of them with the exception of John Cena has fought any battles. Everyone has fought their battles for them. Ziggler will face Bray Wyatt.

Erick Rowan will face the man John Cena is about to become very familiar with. Luke Harper The bell rings, and they stare at each other before circling the ring. Harper kicks him before hitting a suplex. Harper turns around and sees Ryback on his feet. Ryback kicks him before lifting him up for a delayed vertical suplex. Ryback held him up for a while before dropping him down. Ryback body slams him down before going to the second rope.

Ryback kicks and chops him in the corner before sending him to the opposite corner for a corner clothesline. Ryback hits the ropes, and Harper dropkicks him down. Ryback pulls himself up on the apron, but Harper big boots him to ringside. Harper leaves the ring and kicks him in the head. Harper puts him back in the ring and hits a slingshot summersault senton for a one count. Harper chops him in the corner. Ryback punches back at him before hitting the ropes and eating a big boot for a one count.

Harper applies a chin lock. Ryback fights up and gives him a flapjack. Ryback then sidesteps him, and Harper hits the ring post shoulder first. Ryback rolls him up for a two count. Ryback blocks a kick and pushes him down. Ryback has a whip reversed, but he comes back with a Lou Thesz Press. Ryback slams his head off the mat before hitting a big splash for a two count.

Ryback goes for a powerslam, but Harper slides off and hits a swinging side slam for a two count. Ryback pulls himself up in the corner and sidesteps a big boot. Harper hits the ropes and falls out of the ring. Ryback hits a spinebuster and sets up in the corner. Ryback goes for a meat hook clothesline, but Harper superkicks him for a near fall. Harper cannot believe it. Ryback fights up and goes for Shell Shocked, but Harper counters into a sunset flip for a near fall.

Ryback quickly hits a meat hook clothesline before connecting with Shell Shocked for the win! Cesaro takes him down and applies a chin lock. Jimmy fights up and applies a side headlock. Cesaro whips him off and hits a drop-toe-hold. Jimmy quickly locks him in a hammerlock. Cesaro fights up and elbows out. Cesaro chops him a few times before sending him to the corner, but Jimmy puts the brakes on. Jimmy uppercuts and chops him. Cesaro knees him in the midsection before sending him into the ropes, but Jimmy catches him with a flying back elbow for a one count.

Jimmy applies an arm back, but Cesaro punches out. Cesaro blocks a kick and spins him, but Jimmy comes back with a kick to the head. Cesaro falls out of the ring and avoids a flying plancha. Cesaro argues with Jey Uso at ringside. Jimmy takes him out with a running over the top rope splash. Jimmy rolls him back into the ring, but Cesaro quickly gets out. Cesaro snaps him off the top rope and hits a double axe handle. Cesaro punches away at him before picking up a two count.

Cesaro rips at his mouth before applying a chin lock. Jimmy fights up and elbows him. Cesaro sends him into the ropes, but Jimmy kicks him in the midsection. Cesaro sidesteps an avalanche and hits the Cesaro Swing before stopping and applying a single leg crab. Cesaro lets go and hits a double stomp to the midsection for a near fall. Cesaro clubs him before hitting a double under-hook powerbomb for a near fall.

Cesaro runs into a back elbow, and Jimmy hits a corkscrew senton for a near fall. They both go for a clothesline before Jimmy connects with one of his own. Cesaro blocks a kick and throws him out of the ring. The referee warns Tyson Kidd to stay away. Cesaro gets out and slams him off the commentary table before putting him back in the ring.

Cesaro yelled at Natalya before high fiving Kidd. Cesaro jumps off the top rope into a superkick.

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Jimmy hits a running hip bump in the corner before going to the top rope. Kidd gets on the apron, and Jey pulls him off. Jimmy goes for a splash, but Cesaro uppercuts him out of mid-air for the win! Jimmy holds his jaw as his wife and brother check on him. Kidd also hit Jey with a dropkick before going up the ramp. Daniel Bryan will face Seth Rollins in the main event. The Miz instructs him as to how many blueberries to put in. The Miz tells him to go away. The Miz tears it up before telling him to go away.


Mizdow mimics him the entire time. A real star throws a bone to a nobody. Mizdow was a joke before he took him on. Miz orders him to stop mimicking him. Mizdow goes to speak, but Miz cuts him off. Miz says philanthropy is a hobby of his, so he makes Mizdow his personal assistant. Tonight, he has a match against Sin Cara. Mizdow starts mimicking him again, but Miz orders him to stop.

Mizdow is no longer his stunt double. John Cena is sitting in his locker room when Erick Rowan walks in. No one has ever stood up for him like that. Rowan thanks him for standing up for him. Cena says he never should have been fired in the first place. Cena instructs him to be on his game as Rusev is a dangerous man. Cena tells him not to take Rusev lightly.

They shake hands, and Rowan walks off. Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance. Bray Wyatt The bell rings, and they lock up. Wyatt throws him down, but Ziggler comes back with punches. Wyatt quickly uppercuts him before punching him in the kidneys. Ziggler fights back before hitting the ropes, but Wyatt elbows him down.

Wyatt talks trash to him before stomping the head. Ziggler quickly fights him away and hits a dropkick. Ziggler punches him against the ropes until Wyatt puts himself through. The referee backs Ziggler up, and Wyatt viciously punches him down. Wyatt chokes him on the second rope for a few illegal moments.

Wyatt goes for a back suplex, but Ziggler flips through and hits a dropkick. Ziggler goes for a famouser, but Wyatt sidesteps it and gets out of the ring to recover. Wyatt takes his time before getting back in the ring. Ziggler quickly clips the leg and takes him down. Ziggler applies a side headlock as the dueling chant breaks out again.

Wyatt fights out and punches him down. Wyatt hits the ropes before hitting a senton splash for a near fall.

ryback and curtis axel meet again guilty

Wyatt applies a nerve hold to the shoulder. Ziggler is in the hold for a long time before fighting up. Wyatt head-butts him before hitting the ropes, but Ziggler hits a back elbow. Ziggler connects with a dropkick before Wyatt rolls out of the ring to recover. Ziggler goes to pull him back into the ring, but Wyatt slams his face off the apron.

Wyatt then suplexes him out of the ring to the floor! The referee checks on Ziggler as we go to commercial. Ziggler fights up and punches out. Wyatt pushes him into the ropes, but Ziggler ducks a clothesline. Wyatt then annihilates him with a flying back elbow for a near fall. Wyatt goes back to the chin lock. Ziggler fights up and hits a jawbreaker. Wyatt runs into a back elbow before Ziggler sidesteps him, and he hits the ring post shoulder first.

Ziggler goes to the second rope and jumps into an uppercut. Wyatt poses for the crowd before going for a senton splash, but Ziggler rolls out of the way. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and hits a flying clothesline. Ziggler splashes him in the corner before hitting a neckbreaker.

Ziggler drops an elbow for a two count. Ziggler hits the ropes, but Wyatt kills him with a clothesline. Wyatt pulls him up to his feet and goes for Sister Abigail, but Ziggler fights out and hits a big DDT for a near fall. Both men pull themselves up. Wyatt sidesteps an avalanche in the corner before squashing him with a corner clothesline. Wyatt arches his back in the corner and smiles at him.

Wyatt approaches him, but Ziggler kicks him. Ziggler misses a famouser, but he connects with a quick superkick to the midsection for a near fall! Wyatt gets the better of it with a nasty punch. Wyatt sets up for the end, but Ziggler kicks him and connects with a famouser. Wyatt immediately pops up and hits Sister Abigail for the win! Bray Wyatt Match Rating: Daniel Bryan will take on Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins walks in and says her DVD is great. Rollins says the plan was phenomenal.

Rollins says he has to ask what the deal is with the Daniel Bryan thing. Stephanie says they have to appease the crowd. Orton would complain about everything. Rollins has a great opportunity. Movement once and for all. Paige They circle the ring and lock up. They struggle to gain position before falling out of the ring.

Paige knees her in the face before screaming at the Bellas. Paige goes in the ring, and Alicia catches her with an inside cradle for a two count. Alicia big boots her down for a two count.

Alicia applies a chin lock, but Paige fights up. Alicia slams her down and hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Alicia applies another chin lock, but Paige fights up again.