Simple things to do in a relationship

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simple things to do in a relationship

"When things get boring, there needs to be an effort made to make things fun and exciting again," relationship therapist Carolyn Cole, LCPC. Grand gestures are way overrated. Sometimes it's the small, simple things that make a huge difference in your relationship. Relationships can be tough, but there are some simple things to do in your relationship to bring you and your partner closer than ever!.

Read aloud to each other. Pick your favourite books and read aloud to one another. Strip poker is always a better idea than regular poker. Watch Sunday football together.

simple things to do in a relationship

Make a plate of nachos and enjoy some time cheering on your favourite teams. After all, sports bring people together. Have a fondu night. Don't waste your money at a pricey restaurant just for melted cheese. Set up your own fondu night and eat as much cheesey goodness as you want. Have breakfast in bed for dinner. Yeah, breakfast in bed is cool but breakfast in bed for dinner is even better. Everyone loves breakfast, so why not swap it for dinner one night?

Work on a home improvement project. Repaint your apartment walls or build a new headboard or finally get around to fixing your coffee table. Regardless, working on a home project together is fun. Test your culinary skills and make your own sushi rolls right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Have a massage night. Take the time and work out each other's stresses from the work week. Treat one another to a real massage that rivals that of a professional masseuse.

Have a backyard picnic.

simple things to do in a relationship

Grab a bottle of wine, a blanket, some snacks and enjoy an evening stargazing in your backyard. Do a puzzle together. Take YouTube dance lessons. Don't spend your money at beginner salsa classes, just YouTube it.

You save money by doing it at home, plus you two won't be embarrassing yourselves in public. Play a card game. Bring out old favourites like Crazy Eights or Go Fish and make a night of it. Have a bubble bath together. There is nothing like relaxing in a warm bath after a long day of work. You can discuss one another's days or just enjoy the bubbles and the company, it's up to you.

Pet sit for a friend. Offer to take care of a friend's dog for a night. Your friend gets time off to go out while you two get to play with an adorable puppy.

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Have a YouTube karaoke night. Don't go and embarrass yourself at a karaoke night at a bar. Just search "karaoke" on YouTube and you are all set to go. Play a game of Twister. Twister is a classic you probably haven't played in a while. So spend a night in and brush up on your Twister skills. Host a beer tasting with homemade pretzels. Make some homemade pretzels to wash it all down with. When do you ever have an opportunity to really work on qualities that make you a better person?

In a strong relationship, you can do it every single day. Qualities like patience, loyalty, compassion, trust.

The bathroom is private. Talk about sex but not just right before, during, or right after. Sex is an important part of any relationship.

36 Cool Things To Do With Your S/O At Home

We all have insecurities. Your relationship is one place where you should be completely free to reveal these and your spouse should help you overcome them.

simple things to do in a relationship

This is a cowardly way to communicate. If you have something to say, say it. Offer solutions, not criticism. A good teammate See Rule 4 will offer a way out. To escape or to expand. Either way, it helps. Know when to keep your mouth shut. Lose your arbitrary moral code. This list alone proves that I am the king of the double standard.

Respect space and time. Have we not evolved as a species or watched enough Dr. Take pride in your appearance.

simple things to do in a relationship

Could your big toenail puncture a snow tire? Could your breath peel wallpaper? Take care of that, please. Ask before you throw it away. Thankfully, this may be all you need.

Speaking of family, everyone gets a holiday card and a birth announcement. Even your creepy Uncle Steve and their psycho cousin Lisa. So I forgot to stop at the store to get your prescription. Did you have to throw away my ceramic cactus shot glass holder? Learn to do your own laundry. Know how to cook a meal; how to navigate the grocery store; how to make an online purchase; how to turn off the water to the house; how to erect a Nerf basketball hoop; how to unclog a toilet.

Everything is fair game for a joke. This should be at the heart of everything you do. I have not found a single thing that I have been unable to eventually laugh about. If you know this from the beginning, it makes things a lot more fun. Help carry the groceries.

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Be responsible with money. No one lives on love. If you earned it, you will almost certainly respect it.