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of it is because I spent nearly 3 years in an abusive relationship. I have a complicated relationship to all of the current attention being paid to FSoG. of those domestic violence checklists to Edward Rochester–you know. Before your partner comes home, you run through a checklist in your head to anticipate anything . 2) trust that their perception of abuse is accurate and try to leave the abusive relationship. .. Learn something every day, thank you Twilight . A relationship doesn't have to be abusive to be unhealthy or unfair. meanwhile, bears about 90% fidelity to the original “Master of the Universe” Twilight AU fic.

And it sucks for a couple of days while I get over it. That was not the fault of the authors! That was not the fault of the site! The site is there to give authors a way to make fiction available, not to judge each work and interrogate its validity and make sure everything is tagged so that nobody has to see anything bad, ever.

That was not even my fault!

Fifty Shades of Physical and Emotional Abuse, a book review by The Dom

When I get triggered, unless it is by a deliberate act, it is actually the fault of the people who hurt me in the first place! And I refuse to let them off the hook and blame perfectly innocent people who just wanna write their fanfiction!

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  • for their crimes against me personally
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I may hate that fanfiction, but that is irrelevant to the question of whether or not people should be allowed to post whatever they want. Also, some people cope by writing about fucked-up shit. She wrote it during a time in her life when she was in and just coming out of a horrifically abusive relationship. I mean, it was exactly the kind of relationship all of us here on Tumblr love to hate.

She was married to a shitty, abusive man who preyed on someone younger than he was and used his influence over her to treat her in a way that would be right at home in that Lundy Bancroft book Why Does He Do That?

She was lucky to escape. I have immense respect for her. But like … what the hell???

twilight abusive relationship checklist tumblr

You should learn to say those things! It will help you! But expecting other people to never create and share art about trauma is just so thunderously oppressive I lack the ability to fully articulate it. The counselor was about to speak when her father burst into the gymnasium with the principal by his side.

Did that Edward hit you? Is that what happened to your arm? Bella noted that Lauren still had not let go of her hand. In fact, she looked as white as a sheet, almost as if she was reliving bad memories.

abuse checklist

Bella's father looked around for a moment before he noticed the counselor. Greene to you," her father replied, pointing to the principal. I didn't know that. She wasn't sure if she wanted to speak in front of all these people. For God's sake, she didn't really know Lauren Mallory who was still stuck to her like glue for some reason. No, nothing like that. But…but he wouldn't let me hang out with my friends.

I was only allowed to hang out with his family. He would tell me that my friends weren't good for me. He'd also belittle me—telling me that I was clumsy and stupid. Last year, I didn't want to go to the prom because I had a broken leg and he forced me to go. There are a lot of other things, now that I think about it. He told me my clothes were unladylike. He also wouldn't let me listen to anything other than classical music. Uley went through the checklist.

10 signs of an abusive relationship – a Twilight reading | Domesticated Monsters

That's what happened to me three years ago. Do you remember, Chief Swan? Yes, he absolutely did remember. Lauren had been physically abused and raped by one of the seniors in the high school when she was just a freshman. She had been coerced and manipulated by the kid, now felon, by the time he had arrived at the high school to take a police report.

I didn't realize that I'd been abused until I could answer 'yes' to almost every question on the counselor's checklist. That wasn't the only thing that happened today, though. I did a lot of thinking and I realized that…well, I realized that I wasn't really happy with Edward. Like, even now, I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since Monday night. It's almost like he's punishing me for getting hurt at my own birthday party. There were just so many little incidents leading up to this cathartic moment that I didn't realize how emotionally and verbally abusive he was until the counselor went through her checklist.

My name is Alison Uley and you are? I'd like to work with you on your issues, if I may. She's like your best friend, mother, and teacher rolled into one. Uley has been through hell and back, and she makes sure to empower all of us to make sure that no guy ever runs roughshod over us again! When I was a sophomore, I dated a guy who thought it was okay to manhandle me. He frequently left bruises on my arms—never where you can see.

If it weren't for your dad witnessing his actions in the parking lot of my dad's church, I'd still be with him today. Your dad is the one who explained things to my parents and put me in touch with Ms. She runs a teen empowerment group. It's a great place to meet friends. That's how Lauren and I became friends. We're behind you one hundred percent! Cope for a hall pass. Let her know that you have my permission to be out of class. I received a phone call from Dr.

twilight abusive relationship checklist tumblr

Cullen on Tuesday morning, stating that he was withdrawing his kids from the high school because they were moving back to Alaska. Generally, most parents inform us at least two to three weeks prior to any sort of move so we can transfer school records, but in this case, they didn't even give us a name or an address to forward records to. I also understand that the hospital is in an uproar because Dr. Cullen left with no notice. I didn't even have a clue that they were leaving.

On Monday night, they held a birthday party for me at their house. I didn't see anything unusual—no packing or anything. Is it okay if I take Bella home? Bella, I hope you come to me or any of us if you're ever put into an uncomfortable situation again.

Uley handed her a business card. You can also call my cell number, which I've listed on the back in case of an emergency. I will rush right over day or night.

Uley smiled warmly at her. Uley stayed behind to chat with Principal Greene. He tilted her face up so he could meet her eyes. Do you understand me? Charlie didn't want his daughter at home alone. He felt he needed to be there for her after such a traumatic day, so he opted to drive her truck to the police station so she could finish her homework there as he still had a few things to accomplish prior to heading home. I'm glad I'm here with you. I really didn't want to be alone.

You know, Bells, you are my only child, and you're more important to me than my life. If you're hurt, then I'm hurt, and I won't have some spoiled, rich, too-bit kid hurting you. Too many coincidental accidents have been happening since you became involved with that Edward kid and I won't have it. I absolutely won't have it.

Have you ended things with him? I plan on ending things, though. I really don't want anything to do with him, especially now that I've heard Ms. Uley's speech, and gone through her checklist.

He really is a monster. Edward Cullen was a predator, and, at one point, she literally had wanted to be changed into one so she would be with him forever.

10 signs of an abusive relationship – a Twilight reading

What kind of a sick and twisted idea was that? She realized that she had seriously issues to want to end her life for her emotionally abusive boyfriend. BDSM is not abuse. But these handouts Kel sent me really help pinpoint what is so wrong with the relationship that is the plot of 50 Shades, without confusing spankings with beating. You feel uncomfortable about something he has said or done, and the feeling remains.

This is prevalent throughout the book. You wish he would go away, you want to cry, and you want to run away from him. You feel bad about yourself when you are around him. You only feel good about yourself when you are with him. You feel that he wants too much from you. I think this one requires very little explanation. Not only does he want more than she wishes to give, he constantly pressures her to give him what he wants.

I have this phrase I trot out from time to time with my friends who are dating: Sometimes, people are simply incompatible. Ana and Christian have spent most of their relationship with Ana trying to find ways around giving Christian what he wants, and Christian refusing to bend on his expectations. This is not going to clear up in a few more dates.