Uruz rune meaning relationship

URUZ rune meaning and interpretation – runes and their meanings

uruz rune meaning relationship

Uruz is the 2nd Rune from the Elder Futhark runic alphabet as well as the 2nd member of the 1st Ætt. RUNES - The Elderfuthark URUZ Alternative Names Ur, Uriz. Meaning Auroch (wild Oxen) Viking Rune Equivalent and Meaning Strength The aurochs A change in relationship or ties being severed may indicate that a. It is the second rune of the magic Nordic alphabet. The sound it represents is U, and its name means “Aurochs” or “Wild bull”. The aurochs was a wild ancestor of .

The "auroch" was a massive and now extinct early European ox; their size was between a modern-day bison and a mammoth. The Vikings prized these mighty creatures for their enormous horns, which they would use to drink out of. In his Gallic Wars, Caesar wrote of the use of the aurochs hunt to initiate boys to manhood among the 'Germanii' the Roman name for the German tribes.

uruz rune meaning relationship

This rune is also representative of the Norse God "Ull". Ull was the God of archery, hunting, and winter. He is the "leader of the hunt" in Germanic folklore.

Uruz – Rune Meaning – Rune Secrets

How to Interpret "Uruz" This rune represents raw physical power. It would not be uncommon for it to turn up in readings for an athlete, hunter, or a member of the military. Reversed, it signifies all of the vices and weaknesses deducted from the aforementioned virtues.

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Socially, the man is dominated by those around him, lacking in power, and other make decisions in his name. The mental strength is minimal, as is the will of doing anything.

If Uruz signifies the all conquering force, in reverse position, the exact opposite is true, namely the conquered one.

Uruz Rune Meaning & Interpretation - ᚢ

Financially, it brings about major, fast losses and uninspired risk taking. Every gain has its time, as does every loss. In the erotic area, it can resemble ignorance, lack of sensibility, even brutality, but also an erroneous use of energy which can lead to sexual problems, both for men and for women. As for health, it can indicate poor vitality, disease or depression, a total lack of will to live, sadness or anguish.

Uruz is associated with the primal creative force. It is a spiritual or divine force which pervades the universe; a vital essence. The shape of the runic symbol is likened to the horns of the primal cow or the auroch. The Fehu rune is also associated with the Primal Cow, but in a different sense. Uruz represents force and freedom or a force always straining to be free if contained.

uruz rune meaning relationship

Drawing Uruz shows that you have the strength within you to fulfil your dreams, goals and desires, but with that strength comes responsibility. Use your strength to keep focused on your path and to stop yourself being off-balanced by others.

There are always some people who project negativity and are negative within themselves.

Runes Uruz

That is their choice and life path with many hard lessons to learn along the way. Strength comes from not letting those people and their antics upset you. This comes from mastering the ego. When the Uruz rune is drawn it may be indicating that a loss may be an opportunity in disguise. The Uruz rune often indicates in a reading that you may have been living a lifestyle that you have outgrown.

This is a rune of passage and with that is the cycle of initiation.

Uruz Rune Meaning & Interpretation - ᚢ - Phuture Me

Positive growth and change may involve a descent into darkness, but as part of the cycle of perpetual renewal, you will emerge into the light. Events occurring now may prompt you to undergo a search within; a true study of who you are, then possibly a change in a positive direction to suit you and who you are today. Prepare for an opportunity which may at first be disguised as a loss or sacrifice. It may involve the loss of something or someone to which you have an emotional attachment or bond.

A change in relationship or ties being severed may indicate that a new perspective or lifestyle may be in order. It may be a lesson that change is inevitable, and you have no choice but to move with it.