What does harmony means as in a relationship

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what does harmony means as in a relationship

Own your emotions for harmony in your relationships. And clarity means being truthful with yourself – which I know is sometimes hard in relationship – to admit. This is not to say that they never fight, but what it does mean is that they are building a culture of respect and appreciation into their partnership. How to Create Harmony in your Relationship "Happiness is when That doesn't mean always that you don't talk to each other, but you.

Have you got plans for your future? Visions always wrote history before it even happened.

5 Ways To Create More Harmony In Your Relationships

Without visions we would probably still live in caves. Create a vision for the two of you and keep engaging with it. Where and how would you love to live once you are eight five? To have a vision adds fun to your relationship and most importantly strengthens a common purpose.

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Life is too short to wait for others to get going. If you want something in your relationship, be the one to introduce it. If you want to spend more quality time together, organise something you both enjoy.

If you want more surprises, surprise your partner. If you want to be better understood, try to understand your partner better. If you feel unhappy, talk to your partner before you consult your friends.

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Every step you do proactively is a step closer to your common vision. Include each other before making big decisions! Big decisions can be everything from starting a family, going back to university, or changing careers as they will have an impact on your relationship. Have an objective discussion and agree on terms that you both can live with.

what does harmony means as in a relationship

Nurture the positive attributes! Being in harmony with your partner is also an indications of being in harmony with your innermost self. Whenever you are in doubt of yourself, your partner, or your life find evidence for the opposite to be true. Recall your successes, what you love about your partner, and what you have achieved in life. There are times when life can be tough. But if nothing else you do have a choice of stirring through the storm on your own or with the support of your partner.

You might desire friends who are comfortable with hugging and being affectionate. You might want to surround yourself with inspiring people who are pursuing their dreams. There is no right or wrong answer here. Whatever your needs may be, set an intention—a clear message to yourself and the Universe of what you want to bring into your life—and identify the personal qualities and experiences you want from your relationships.

Setting an intention looks different for everyone. It may be writing it down in your journal, meditating on it, repeating it multiple times out loud or in the mirror, putting it on a piece of paper and posting it on your wall or altar, or any other way that feels powerful for you. Have you ever set your mind on something so strongly that nothing could stop you? Harness it and let it fuel your intentions. You have the ability to create change in your relationships.

Identify the vampires Have you ever spent time with someone, only to feel completely drained and limp as wilted lettuce when you finally part ways?

what does harmony means as in a relationship

With this information, you can then decide how much time and energy you want to put into that relationship. You are ultimately in control of where you put your energy.

what does harmony means as in a relationship

Your relationships will change. They will naturally ebb and flow, from feeling deeply connected to being on good terms to feeling completely distant, and everywhere in between. Instead of getting your panties in a bunch and hyper-inflating the situation at hand, use it as a time to become more aware and reconnect to your intentions for the relationship.

Accept the circles You can also think of relationships as concentric circles. The closest circle is made up of those you are super tight with and most connected to, radiating out to those with less involvement in your life e. Just as relationships are always changing, the position of individuals within the circles can change over time as well—close, then far away, then maybe close again.

what does harmony means as in a relationship

How do you know who belongs in what circle? Reevaluate Many years ago, a friend shared a life-changing concept with me during my freshman year of college.

I was struggling with the reality of shifting friend groups, and dealing with feelings of guilt for not putting as much energy into maintaining friendships from high school.

Everyone is in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I was able to let go of attachments to old lovers and the need for the relationship to be anything other than what it was. It helped me step out of victim mentality and into a place of being the creator of my reality, opening myself to new and more fulfilling relationships.

Share your gratitude with them. It will change the relationship. You can also do this with the relationships that are challenging, painful, or uncomfortable. These people have come into your life to help you in some way, however obvious or obscure. All the good memories, times of joy and laughter, lessons learned from struggles and challenges, self-discoveries, and a big list of things I wanted to work on within myself.

But wait, are relationships really there to serve you? Of course they are! We enter into friendships and relationships because we want and need something from them. Why do we dedicate so much time, energy and love to form bonds with others? They support you in your growth and evolution. They encourage you to open your heart and mind. They satisfy your deep desire for harmony and balance.

what does harmony means as in a relationship

Learn the lessons Everyone we encounter in life has something to teach us, from the lover who broke your heart to the sweet stranger who offered to help you carry your groceries.

Examine your relationships, present and past. What lessons are they teaching or have they taught you about patience, compassion, staying centered, setting boundaries, and making healthy choices? How have they helped you become the amazing person you are today?